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Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union announced Monday that more than 8,000 bus drivers and matrons would participate in a strike, beginning Wednesday. Walcott said the state appeals court last year ruled that what the union is demanding is illegal.
Michael Cordiello of Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union said more than 8,000 bus drivers and matrons will participate in the strike, brought about by a dispute over job protections in any new bus company contracts for the bus routes. The city wants to cut transportation costs and has put bus contracts with private bus companies up for bid.
The mayor said the privately-contracted drivers were demanding job security, or Employee Protection Provisions. However, such a guarantee is not allowed in contracts between drivers and companies chosen by the city to provide bus services, the city says. The drivers’ contracts expire on June 30, and Bloomberg said the city must seek competitive bids that would save money.
The New York City School Bus Contractors Coalition, which represents the bus companies, condemned the strike, saying it would be illegal. The head of another union, Teamsters Local 854, which represents drivers, matrons, and mechanics, said its members would not go on strike with the bus drivers because their contracts don’t allow it, but they would not cross any picket lines. The City is attempting to provide alternate means of transportation, including student and adult MetroCards. The New York City Police Department will add more transit officers and more crossing guards to help manage the anticipated increase in the number of students using public transportation and walking to school. The Taxi and Limousine Commission will issue an alert to all licensees to anticipate increased demand and have the maximum number of cars available.
All students who currently receive yellow bus service are eligible to receive a Metro Card, which parents should request from the school’s main office. Parents of pre-school and school-age children with IEPs requiring transportation from their home directly to their school, as well as parents of general education children in grades K through 2, may also request a MetroCard for the parent or guardian to act as the child’s escort to school. Students who do not have access to public transportation may be driven to school or may take a car service.

Parents who use a taxi or car service to transport their child to school will be reimbursed for the trip upon their completion of reimbursement forms that include a receipt for provided services. Requests for reimbursements should be made one week at a time, using forms available at the school. Parent cards were inactivated as of Tuesday, and would not work in subways before Wednesday or on buses before Thursday.
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The state Court of Appeals in 2011 barred the city from including EPP because of competitive bidding laws. He said the 2011 Court of Appeals ruling was based on the fact that the city at the time did not offer the judges enough evidence to support its contention that the EPP job-security clause does not push up costs. He said he’d met the chancellor for only 20 minutes last week, and the deputy chancellor for an hour. There was concern that parents’ cards would be inactive for between 24 and 48 hours from the start of the strike, and that attempting to use inactive cards would invalidate them altogether. Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) demanded that the MTA do the right thing and allow any parents who are escorting their children to school tomorrow morning to ride alongside their children without paying fare out of their own pockets, asserting that the cards are already purchased and the step would not cost the MTA any additional expense.. The forms ask parents to indicate on which school days alternative transportation was taken and if it was for both the morning and afternoon commute. Using before activation permanently disables the card; replacement will be difficult or impossible. Special late show with some of the original musicians from the recording which happened in 1983 in Intergalactic Studios the same studio where John Lennon did his last recordings. Greenfield called on the MTA and DOE to ensure that MetroCards will be available to parents and activated in time for the expected work stoppage, if that was not possible, that the MTA allow parents to ride with their young or special education children for free until the cards are activated. The College Point Bus Depot is now loaning C40LFs as well to the LGA depot for usage on their routes. On tenor saxophone Todd Anderson who was Jon's Arranging and Composition teacher in 1973 at Berklee College of Music, Ray Grappone drums who played on the Sidewinder track from Late Rent album first release as heard on WNEW AM 1130 Al Jazzbo Collins radio program, Joe Berger guitar, long-time co-producer engineer guitarist and Jon Hammond playing the incredible New Hammond Sk1 organ designed by Jon's friends at Suzuki Musical Instruments in Hamamatsu Japan. He introduced "Lady of Spain" in 1947 winning the Horace Heidt Philip Morris talent contest.

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