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An inmate in a New York jail costs just as much as four years' tuition at an Ivy League college according to a new report.The city's annual cost per inmate was $167,731 last year or $460 per day. Expensive inmates: Inmates file out of the prison bakery at Rikers Island, the notorious jail blamed for New York City's high annual inmate costs. The city's Independent Budget Office annual figure of $167,731 - which equates to about $460 per day for the 12,287 average daily New York City inmates last year - was based on about $2 billion in total operating expenses for the DOC, which included salaries and benefits for staff, judgments and claims as well as debt service for jail construction and repairs.But there are particularly expensive costs associated with Rikers. Prof Freudenberg said: a€?To my mind, the main policy question is: How could we be spending this money better?
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Correction Commissioner Joe Ponte today announced a 14-point plan to aggressively combat violence and promote a culture of safety on Rikers Island, including five main initiatives to target inmate-on-inmate violence.
NEW YORK–Mayor Bill de Blasio and Correction Commissioner Joe Ponte today announced a 14-point plan to aggressively combat violence and promote a culture of safety on Rikers Island, including five main initiatives to target inmate-on-inmate violence. Inmate-on-inmate violence has been on the rise at Rikers Island over the past decade, representing 71 percent of all violent incidents for 2014.
Keeping weapons, drugs and contraband out of Rikers will be accomplished through a number of policy changes, including new rules for visitors that DOC will seek from the Board of Correction, its oversight body. Creating an integrated classification and housing strategy will ensure that the toughest, most violent inmates of Rikers are housed with each other, and will separate warring gangs and warring factions within gangs. Comprehensive security camera coverage will ensure there is active monitoring of jail activities in real time, to deter and respond in a timely manner to violence, and for intelligence purposes, to prevent violence altogether. Designing effective inmate education opportunities and services will result in a comprehensive idleness reduction program that envisions an expansion of non-school classes and other activities such as fatherhood initiatives or workforce development, so that all inmates will have the option of attending a minimum of five hours of classes or programming daily, from one hour now. Redefining first line incident responses will more quickly end violent incidents by training over 300 Emergency Services Unit officers on non-lethal force technique and jointly developing Crisis Intervention Teams, involving training 1,000 officers with DOHMH and implementation of teams by July 2015. From November 14 through January 31, DOC seized 10 weapons and 69 contraband drugs from 26 visitors who were trying to enter jails to visit gang members.
The new rules would bring DOC policy closer into line with that of other large jail systems such as Los Angeles, Cook County (Chicago), and Philadelphia, which limit physical contact between inmates and visitors, or restrict visitors based on safety and security concerns.
The New York City Department of Correction (DOC) manages the jail system for New York City. Its Average Daily Population is about 11,400, over 80 percent of whom are housed on Rikers Island.
After a shocking report detailing institutionalized abuse, rights violations, a “culture of violence” and frequent medical emergencies experienced by young inmates at Rikers Island, other cases of systemic corruption are being brought to light, including several lawsuits of negligence on behalf of Corizon, a lucrative, Tennessee-based company that provides healthcare to jails nationwide. Henriquez, a 19-year-old from Washington Heights, had constantly complained of chest pains.

Had he been taken to a real hospital for emergency surgery, he would had a good chance of survival and recovery. Henriquez has been in Rikers since he was 16 and was still awaiting trial for gang-related murder. Henriquez’s mother Sandra De la Cruz is suing Corizon for negligence, one of two-dozen lawsuits filed by New Yorkers against the company since 2012, including a death from treatable bacterial infection at Rikers, a failure to treat an epileptic man who lost his vision after assault and negligence resulting in amputation. A Rikers Island inmate committed suicide just 24 hours after correction officers ignored his threat to kill himself because of an imminent prison sentence. The New York Times reported Fabian Cruz was supposed to be put on suicide watch after his threats.
Department policy requires that inmates who make threats be put on suicide watch, Gothamist reported.
A psychiatrist even recommended that the 35-year-old inmate be put on a round-the-clock suicide observation before he strangled himself.
Cruz pleaded guilty last month to first-degree sexual act after being accused of repeatedly sexually abusing an underage girl.
In October, the National Institute of Justice allocated $400,000 to the city to fund an initiative addressing mental health issues and self-harm in city jails.
A Department of Health and Human Services study found 22,798 unaccompanied children were housed with parents, aunts, uncles, or other close relatives between September 2015 and February 2016, nearly equaling the total of the previous 12-month period.
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The Department of Corrections (DOC) blames much of the expense on the running costs of the city's most notorious lockup, Rikers Island which is literally an island unto itself. What would be a better return on that investment?a€™Another contributing factor to the inmate price tag is the length of stay for prisoners in New York's criminal justice system.A Some inmates have waited years in city jails to see trial.
This plan represents the administration’s continued commitment to reform Rikers Island after decades of neglect.
These rules will seek to limit the physical contact inmates may have with visitors, broaden the criteria for restricting visitors, and establish a visitor registry. Presently, some inmates with gang affiliations are housed together, while others are sprinkled throughout the general population.
DOC has installed full camera coverage in adolescent facilities and installed camera coverage in nine of the housing units dedicated to 18-21-year-olds; DOC will add full video and camera coverage within all facilities on Rikers Island by February 2018. The department expects this should help stop violence by keeping inmates focused on priorities that assist rehabilitation.

New York State, Los Angeles, and Cook County all maintain visitor registries, and Cook County and Los Angeles may even deny visits based on certain security criteria, such as criminal history.
It operates Rikers Island, which houses 10 individual facilities, four borough-based jails and two hospital prison wards, as well as court pens in all five boroughs. Most of the inmates in DOC custody are being detained pending the resolution of charges against them; about 15 percent are city-sentenced inmates who are serving sentences of one year or less.
Mayor de Blasio and all involved should be commended for their leadership and commitment on this issue,” said Congressman Hakeem Jeffries. A reformed Rikers Island will ensure a safer environment for  inmates and officers alike, which will result in a stronger correctional facility better able to serve its purpose of helping criminals change their behavior.
He was diagnosed with costochondritis eight times in the seven months leading up to his death. According to the police and the criminal report, though Henriquez was part of a group that attacked the victim, he did not carry out the fatal blows. Instead, he was eventually found dead in his cell with a bed sheet wrapped around his neck.
The goal is to create a common sense approach to visiting policy that reviews visits on a case by case basis and limits potential for contraband flow and crime, while respecting the ability of inmates to maintain legitimate ties with family members and the community. DOC will propose the rule changes at BOC’s next meeting in May and, if approved, would implement them by August.
We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone in the City, including those incarcerated, remains safe and that our correctional system works effectively. In addition, by expanding educational and development services, the Mayor is transforming Rikers Island to be more rehabilitative.
Had the prison doctor followed standard medical procedure, Henriquez would have had a cardiac exam and follow-up tests.
I applaud Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Ponte for their development of this 14-point plan and look forward to its full implementation,” said Congressman Gregory Meeks. The day Henriquez began to experience the onset of severe pain in his chest, he was prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug and a muscle relaxant and sent back to his cell. At this point, as the inmates kicked their doors and screamed for the medic, Henriquez’s major artery was tearing from his heart to his groin and his limbs and organs were losing blood flow.

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