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The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, featuring the Rockettes, is a holiday favorite that is particularly popular with families. The catch is that the Ticketmaster fees associated with these tickets keep getting higher and higher. Fortunately there is a way to avoid these hefty Ticketmaster fees, and that is to buy your Radio City Christmas show tickets in person at the ticket box office. Buying tickets in person can be an inconvenience for some and an impossibility for many others who live outside of New York City — which is precisely what Ticketmaster is counting on. The first location is, of course, is the Radio City Music Hall box office, located at 1260 6th Avenue (between 50th and 51st streets). The second location where you can buy Radio City tickets is Madison Square Garden’s box office.
The third location is further uptown at the Beacon Theatre, which is at 2124 Broadway, situated between 74th and 75th Streets. Despite the temptation to go the easy route and buy through Ticketmaster, if you are buying multiple tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, you will find that purchasing at one of these three box offices can save you a great deal of money in fees. Every year, the Rockettes push themselves further to put on a show thata€™s more dynamic, more challenging and more magical than the last. Take a thrilling 3D ride through the skies of New York with Santa, and be whisked up to the North Pole, as state-of-the-art technology transforms Radio City Music Hall into a magical, immersive wonderland. From a unique take on a€?The Nutcrackera€? to our original a€?Here Come Santa Claus,a€? the show delights with Clara, ice skaters, dancing teddy bears, dozens of Santa Clauses and more surprises! In our reverent tribute to the first Christmas, celebrants take the stage for the awe-inspiring Living Nativity.
And don’t forget the living nativity at the end of the show, with real camels and donkeys!
Lonneke Engel is the Founder of Organice Your Life®, a Certified Health Counselor since 2008, and a successful Dutch top model. Lonneke is mostly known for her work for Ralph Lauren. New York City's favorite holiday tradition returns for its 81st season, Rockettes and GPS in tow.

Nothing says "bah humbug" like critically poking and prodding at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
In as many as four performances a day, the long-stemmed army of high-kicking dancers show off their signature technical precision while spreading some vintage Christmas cheer. With each new formation, followed by a return to the iconic single-file kick line — on full display in the reindeer-filled opening number "Sleigh Ride" and their rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" — the crowd responds with thunderous applause as if the Beatles had just broken into an encore of "Hey Jude." "The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" and "The Living Nativity" (starring a small herd of camels and sheep that elicit a wave of "ooh"s an "ah"s from young and old alike) remain the most nostalgic of the show's vignettes, offering audiences a link back to its early days as an antidote to the woes of the Great Depression. For those yet to revisit the show this decade, Radio City has indeed dusted off the cobwebs and revamped the annual holiday tradition for 21st century audiences. While nearby Broadway is often prohibitively expensive for large groups, Radio City frequently offers discount codes, promotions, and cheaper mezzanine seating that makes it possible to get tickets for as low as the $30-$50 range.
However, if you are in the New York area, there are three different locations where you can purchase Radio City Christmas Show tickets in person, so you can choose the location that is most convenient for you. People living on the Upper West Side will appreciate this location, and even those who live in Upper Manhattan or the Bronx might find it is fairly easy to stop off at the Beacon on the way home. She has written for various publications including art-speaks, Pembroke Daily Observer, Toronto Star - Performing Arts Section, The Canadian Post and more recently the Village Voice and the New York Daily News.
Only the worlda€™s largest indoor theater could host the most SPECTACULAR Christmas celebration. Also found here are articles with news, events and tips on how you can manage your agenda, financials and your to-do list.
3D glasses come in handy as a digital Santa kicks off the show with a sleigh ride to the concert hall.
This is a good location to try if you work in midtown Manhattan, or happen to be dropping by the midtown area for something else (such as seeing a Broadway show).
As a member As a member of the Barrow Group, her specialties include performance stage production and talent casting. Top Models, Celebrities, Entertainment Insiders, along with Industry Professionals & Experts want to inspire You by sharing their Personal Experiences, Healthy Recipes, Beauty Tips & Diet Secrets.
The patrons who file into the mammoth theater every Christmas season are not trudging through Rockefeller Center at 11am on a Tuesday in anticipation of a transcendent artistic experience.

We don the cardboard shades again when we meet straightlaced mother Tracy (alternately played by Angela Grovey, Shauna Miles, and Zakiya Young) and her tech-savvy daughter, Kayla (Elainey Bass, Grace Capeless, and Madison Zamor), who reconnect via a holiday cheer-inspired video game.
In November and December the Rockettes perform, and during the Holidays even up to 6 (!) shows a day! It will definitely give you the Christmas spirit.They are performing until the end of December. Lonneke focuses now for 100 % on her work for Organice Your Life®, and on projects that promote green & healthy living.
Following the OYL Circle of Five, we recommend you to think about your career, your schooling, your financials and your daily business to see if it makes you happy. They come for 90 minutes of wholesome family entertainment with a hearty helping of Rockette-sprinkled nostalgia — and for the 81st consecutive year, the Big Apple's most spectacular Christmas show doesn't disappoint. A brand new number, "Snow," follows, featuring GPS-directed snowflakes that hover over the crowd as the theater transforms into a Norman Rockwell picture of a winter wonderland.
The ‘'Radio City Christmas Spectacular'' continues to return adults to their childhood traditions and gives children new traditions to carry on as they pass into adulthood.
But even if you are not in NYC, it is nice to watch a DVD or videos of the performances of the Rockettes. Watching the young seated first-timers mesmerized by dancing bears in tutus performing excerpts from Tchaikovsky's ‘'Nutcracker Ballet'' is as much a part of the spectacular experience as the Spectacular itself. The feet of the little girl beside me barely dangled over the edge of her seat as she gazed ahead, mindlessly drawing handfuls of cotton candy from an oversized bag and wiping the sticky remnants all over her fancy dress and pink Radio City Santa hat. Solve the problems you might have with things on your list, and that you have been putting off.
Sights like this can only make you pray that the Radio City Christmas Spectacular will enjoy another 81 holiday seasons in NYC.

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