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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. A strike by school bus drivers is inevitable, the citya€™s top education official said Sunday.
A strike a€” which could be announced Monday and begin Wednesday a€” would cripple school bus service for 152,000 kids, including 54,000 with disabilities. The drivers union is threatening a walkout over a city effort to seek new operators for more than 1,000 routes a€” the ones covering special-education students. The drivers want a provision that would guarantee their jobs even after new operators are chosen, but the city says thata€™s illegal under a ruling by the statea€™s highest court. Besides, city officials dona€™t want such a provision because it would make it more difficult to cut costs. Lawyers for the school bus companies warned Sunday that if the strike goes ahead, theya€™ll ask federal labor authorities for an injunction to stop it. Theya€™d also sue, a€?seeking all available damages, which will be many millions of dollars and would likely deplete the union coffers,a€? lawyer Jeffrey Pollack wrote in a letter to the union. Past National Labor Relations Board rulings have found that such a strike would be legal, the union maintains. The union threatened to strike last year over a similar dispute, but ended up returning to the negotiating table. But this time, the union has begun to distribute flyers and leaflets, indicating a strike is likely. Parents of kids who use school buses a€” preschoolers, special-ed students and grade-schoolers who live beyond walking distance from their school a€” were scrambling to figure out how to handle a service shutdown. Walcott said the city was ready with MetroCards and plans to reimburse parents for getting their kids to school by car or taxi a€” but acknowledged there would be some chaos and not all kids would make it to class.
In areas where public transportation isna€™t available, parents can get reimbursed for driving their kids to school at 55 cents per mile.
For students who cana€™t make it to school, the city plans to post materials online for every grade and core subject they can study at home.
Students who are late because of the school bus strike will be excused for up to two hours. While New York City is seeking to bring down its highest-in-the-nation school busing costs by putting the contract out to bid, the union is demanding that drivers and matrons be protected. School bus attendants and their supporters walk a picket line near a bus depot in New York, Thursday. About 152,000 students – 11 percent of public school students in New York – rely on school buses, which cover 7,700 routes.
The dispute erupted last month when the Education Department announced that it would accept competitive bids for transporting 22,500 special-needs children, who require special services.
Most galling for drivers and the union, the new contracts, among other things, would omit longstanding job security provisions requiring new companies to hire veteran bus drivers by order of seniority and at the same pay rate.

City officials, led by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, are using rhetoric familiar to those who followed the Chicago teachers' strike; school bus drivers are selfish and don't care about children, as evidenced by the fact that they're fighting for job protections.
Knefel also points out that Bloomberg's policies closing many neighborhood schools and promoting a "choice" system in which students travel far from their homes to attend school has heightened the city's reliance on the bus drivers who are now under attack by the Bloomberg administration.
If the drivers do go on strike, the city has a plan to provide students with MetroCards for public transit access or to reimburse transportation costs for students who don't have access to public transit. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S.
Thousands of parents were left struggling to get their kids to and from school by taxi, subway or borrowed rides Wednesday as school bus drivers staged their first strike since the 1970s. Some 152,000 students who rely on yellow bus service were left out in the cold as freezing rain that fell on the morning commute. All students affected by the strike got MetroCards Tuesday to take subways and buses to school, but a plan to make the cards available to parents of young children and special education students has been hobbled by bureaucratic delays. Parent MetroCards won't be activated until Thursday because the MTA says it needs up to 72 hours to program the software in 6,000 buses. Betty Casille is worried how she will transport her son Matthew, who is in kindergarten, from Corona, Queens to PS 110 in Long Island City.
Parents who drive kids to school will have to keep logs of their travels to get a 55-cent-per-mile reimbursement, while those who use cabs will have to fill out weekly forms and attach receipts for every trip.
Maggie Moroff of Advocates for Children said she's worried about disabled students for whom public transportation won't work. The union behind the strike, Amalgamated Transit Workers Union Local 1181, is protesting a city plan to bid out private bus contracts with no job guarantees for the union's 8,800 drivers and escorts. Jelphis Joaquin is worried how he will transport his child, who is in kindergarten, from Corona, Queens to PS 110 in Long Island City.
Its leaders have promised picket lines at bus yards, and other drivers unions have vowed not to cross those lines.
The bus companies have hired replacement workers, but the new, nonunion drivers won't begin this week because they must undergo three days of alcohol and drug tests. Carolyn Daly, a spokeswoman for the companies, noted an increased police presence was expected at bus depots early Wednesday. Angel Rodriguez, a school bus driver for 31 years, at the Sheffield avenue school bus depot in East New York Brooklyn. The bus companies, meanwhile, delivered a letter to the National Labor Relations Board Tuesday demanding a stop to the strike. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. They say that since the uniona€™s beef is with the city, not with them, a strike against the companies is illegal. Parents of kids in kindergarten through second grade and special-education students of all ages can also get a MetroCard to get them to school.

Kids who dona€™t make it to school will be marked absent with a special explanation code so they wona€™t be penalized. Forty percent of the buses were running Wednesday, the city said, because they are not driven by members of the striking Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181.
The city has been providing metro cards and reimbursing families for driving or sending students in taxis, but that hasn’t quelled the frustrations of some parents who have had their work schedules disrupted.
Bloomberg points to the fact that New York pays more per student for busing than does Los Angeles, but doesn't talk as much about the fact that gas prices, rent and homeownership, and other basic expenses are higher in New York than Los Angeles. The new drivers are getting training, and it's not clear when they'll try to cross lines to begin work.
The companies say they'll suffer financially for an argument between the city and the union.
But I am his parent, and I am going to do what Ia€™ve got to do,a€? said Michelle Hayes of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, mom of a fourth-grader. The city has told cab companies to prepare for extra demand and have as many cars as  possible on the street.
Bloomberg, have argued that a 2011 ruling by the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, prohibited the city from including the protective provisions in new contracts.
New York's school busing costs may or may not be too high, but Bloomberg is hardly a reasonable source of information.
It creates a system in which workers entrusted to be responsible for a child's safety are utterly replaceable in the name of protecting the bottom line. The strikers attempted to stop the working union drivers of local 91 from pulling busses out but order was quickly kept by NYPD. The union has said the ruling applied only to contracts for busing prekindergarten students. Bus drivers and matrons greet children in the morning and return them home in the afternoon and students with disabilities require specific knowledge, care and attention.
The current bid under dispute is for 1,100 routes that serve K-12 students with disabilities, but the union is striking beyond those routes.In its call for bids, the city did not include an employee protection provision (EPP), which calls for any new contractor to place at the top of its hiring list the current drivers and bus matrons (whether union members or not) based on seniority. The union reads the court decision differently, arguing that the city does have discretion because that ruling applied specifically to pre-K busing, a smaller segment of overall busing that hasn’t traditionally included EPPs in its contracts.Without the EPPS, the call for bids “almost demands lower wages … and you get what you pay for,” says Mr.
For at least four or five years, he predicts, less expensive, and therefore less experienced, drivers and matrons would be playing catch-up. The busing figures are much higher, largely because they include expensive supports for transporting special-needs students.In both the state and New York City, “there are ways [bus] routes can be made more efficient,” so that fewer buses are needed, and that’s one reason the union is concerned about new bids, says Elizabeth Lynam, the CBC’s director of state studies.

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