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The greatest city in the world blah blah blah ok do you want to see some weird photos taken on the NYC subway? Audrey Hepburn is incredibly engaging as Holly Golightly, a real phony, who’s conflicted between schmoozing with the New York party set and settling down with her homebody neighbor George Peppard. In this quirky comedy, a young German woman named Elaine Hines (Hanna Schygulla) moves to New York City with hopes of becoming a writer.
With King of New York, Abel Ferrara directed one of the greatest gangster films set in the city. Rosanna Arquette plays a bored New Jersey housewife entertained by reading the personal ads of a wild free-spirited woman named Susan, played by Madonna.
Two runaways, one privileged and one homeless; together they create a friendship and face the streets of New York.
Taxi’s are almost as iconic to New York City as the Yankees’ baseball cap and although cabbies are picking people up on a constant basis, they often can feel alienated and lonely.
What films best exude the qualities, diversity, cultures, quirks, history and lifestyle of New York City?
About the AuthorNeal Damiano calls himself “an unhip film geek” who mixes his passion for movies with an enthusiasm for travel, music and journalism. Some variety off the top of my head: Dog Day Afternoon, Q The Winged Serpent, Crossing Delancey, Sweet Smell of Success. Taxi Driver, The French Connection, The Taking of Pelham 123 (the original version), Wall Street, Die Hard 3, The Fisher King. The subway map is the key to understanding this most complex subway in the world, which has 26 separate lines and 468 stations. In short, a better-designed subway map will make our subway system more open and accessible. To understand the challenge of visually communicating New York's subway one must understand New York's unique geography and its street system, both of which have an impact on the mapping. Because New York City's subway generally follows its gridded street routes, there is a strong psychological link between the subway and the aboveground topography that is not found in a city like London. The Kick Map is a "hybrid" concept that resolves the 50-year debate between the exclusive use of either a diagrammatic or topographic mapping of the New York City Subway. The Kick Map's hybrid concept doesn't allow the strict dogma of either type to get in the way of the map's primary function: to display the whole system and its relation to the city as clearly as possible.
The Kick Map employs "route bends" in a subway line's route to signal to the user important aboveground road changes. Similarly in the Bronx, when the #4 train jumps from River Avenue to Jerome, this is clearly and simply shown.
And the same holds true for the L line in Brooklyn as it travels along the major thoroughfares of Metropolitan Avenue to Bushwick Avenue and on to Harrison Street.
Unlike the Vignelli map - where the positions of the stations and lines are distorted for pure graphic harmony - the Kick Map, while stylized for clarity, has stations that are "location accurate" i.e.
The Kick Map also presents a comprehensive grid of major streets and avenues that intersect with all the station stops to help orient the rider to the stop and the streets above. In short, the Kick Map empowers the map user to better understand the relation of a subway stop to the geography above it. The hybrid concept irons out the "kinks" of any single street as it would in a diagram map. Unlike the current MTA map, a single road's "wiggles" are straightened out as, for example, with Queens Blvd or the Grand Concourse.
The diagrammatic form allows for visual simplicity and a significant reduction in size as the biggest form of the Kick Map is only about two-thirds the size of the current one. The smallest versions still have complete transfer information and when folded can easily fit into a wallet. While there are separate lines for each of the trains, they remain true to the existing MTA signage colors - for example the 1, 2, & 3 lines are all red; the A, C, & E lines all blue, and so on. Each station shows at a glance what train stops there and whether the train stops there all the time, stops only at peak hours, or stops only at off-peak hours.
Each station shows the reader whether they have the ability to cross over to go in the opposite direction for free.

Relevant station stops show wheelchair access and connections to commuter rail lines (PATH, Metro North, LIRR). Bus information is shown for highly trafficked destinations that are not served directly by the subway (the Javits Center, Riis Park, Orchard Beach, and LaGuardia Airport) to further discourage automobile use.
In summary, the user-friendly Kick Map has been designed to encourage subway ridership, for both New Yorkers and visitors, and thereby to reduce automobile traffic, congestion, and pollution - not to mention confusion - in our great city. Over run by street gangs taking over Manhattan, The Warriors are just trying to get home to Coney Island after a rival gang accuses them of killing the prophetic leader of the biggest gang in New York.
Elaine becomes involved in a mystery and falls in with a group of mobsters who lead her through a series of crazy adventures. Christopher Walken stars as the ruthless crime-lord Frank White, released from prison to take the streets of New York back. Arquette decides to seek out Susan in downtown New York in hopes of living the adventurous life but ends up being mistaken for Susan and finds herself on the run from the mob.
With the help of a local radio DJ (Tim Curry), the two girls get their message across to the youth. A white run pizza parlor in Bed Stuy becomes the center of a violent conflict on a hot summer day. Annie Hall is no exception based off of Allen’s real realtionship with co-star Diane Keaton.
Nothing portrays this alienation more so than Martin Scorsese’s urban nightmare in Taxi Driver. Griffin Dunne stars as Paul Hackett, a bored word processor whose chance meeting with a girl named Dorothy (Rosanna Arquette) takes him on a ride through a night of accidental death, mobs, and mistaken identity. Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese, quite rightly get the attention, but I think Oliver Stone (Wall Street) and John Badham (Saturday Night Fever) deserve just as much praise. You have this strong performance from Melanie Griffith that makes you want to root for her yet she’s vulnerable despite an inner strength. I get you, great idea for a list, and some wonderfully unique selections – Desperately Seeking Susan and After Hours are perfect. New York really lends itself to be photographed so it’s unsurprising that it has been the setting for so many great films. Created with clarity and ease of use, it allows riders to navigate this vast system easily and without uncertainty. A well-designed map not only welcomes and empowers novices to use the subway but also encourages additional use for regular "home-to-work-only" commuters to use the subway for recreational destinations where they might otherwise take a car. There are four significant and conflicting aspects that make the New York City subway impossible to successfully map with just a diagrammatic or just a topographic format.
Any location - take 42nd Street and 7th Avenue as an example - places you in the grid, which makes it easy to judge distance and location.
Both map types have inherent strengths and weaknesses in their attempts to translate the maze of this complex system.
It is designed with a combination of both diagrammatic and topographic features, thus enhancing the strengths and eliminating most of the weaknesses of both types. For example, when the #6 train "jumps" across from Park Avenue to Lexington Avenue as it travels north, this is shown as a bend on the Kick Map as it would be in a topographic map.
This is an important feature for there are 87 stations - 56 in Manhattan alone - that do not allow free access to cross over.
The smell of expensive leather wallets and sparkling jewelry entice Holly’s taste for this lifestyle.
As they make their way through enemy territory we see the city becoming more rundown and violent as they get closer to home.
I loved this film because it’s so New York, from the new wave clothes and music to the downtown punk rockers inhabiting the underground clubs in Greenwich Village. What I particularly love about this film is it shows a pre-Disney-like New York we no longer see. When the owner refuses to hang pictures of black historical figures on the wall of his place, tempers flare and emotions run wild culminating in an all out race war.
It’s a romantic comedy set in Manhattan and has all the classic New York neurotic mannerisms that Allen does so well.

Robert De Niro portrays Travis Bickle, a loner war vet who takes a job driving a taxicab on the graveyard shift due to insomnia. Dunne’s adventure leads him to every part of the city and encounters all sorts of quirky people, their individual fears, desires and motivations an intrinsic part of New York life. I love your choices – some good offbeat cults hits with some more recognisable greats.
For this reason the design of the subway map can directly influence ridership numbers and can indirectly have an effect on New York's traffic congestion and pollution. Used alone, each makes the subway system very hard to understand for a surprising number of people.
One premise of the Kick "hybrid" map is that while most of the time a straight line is the easiest line to understand, there are important exceptions. Instead of having to read words to know when this "jump" occurs (as in the Vignelli map) the "route bend" itself communicates the change quicker and more accurately.
With all the non-subway information that the current MTA map does show - like the location of all the heliports in the city - it doesn't offer this simple but important piece of subway information indicating what station stop to get off to turn around in case you miss your stop. Tiffany’s in the heart of New York, gives her the delusional feeling of belonging to the elite society. New York somewhat acts like an ally, helping them battle rival gangs and getting from one point to the next. Often accused of copying Desperately Seeking Susan it does have a similar storyline, however, New York icon Debbie Harry appears in a cameo. The first of its kind to have mixed races and nationalities together, instead of fighting each other. Again, we see the punk rockers, new wavers, and bums flooding the sidewalks of Times Square as if it is their own playground.
Annie’s character is the perfect metaphor for New York; everything distinctive about her is trademark city. Travis drives around the city aimlessly night after night staring at the pimps, hookers, drug dealers, and bums, finally descending into madness.
A somewhat modern take on The Wizard of Oz set in New York City, Hackett is just trying to get home. To break those boundaries is typical of New York, a place that sets the trends, breaks them, and starts new ones for the world to follow.
Will the Warriors get home to see the light of day, only with time and the city on their side.
Frank White exudes the charisma that matches perfectly with New York and the city represents him well. Times Square was a very seedy and dangerous place at the time this movie was made and the film displays this beautifully. You can’t get more New York than Spike Lee (with the exception of Woody Allen) and I feel it’s his best film because of the realism and intense story. The famous Plaza Hotel is his home, fit for a king and throughout the film there’s no denying Frank White is the King of New York.
A visual seedy underground of people living on the edge and the bright lights burn as fast as the people living here. We see a few New York landmarks along the way, for example, the Moondance Diner and the Emerald Pub. It’s mostly the vibe of the film that’s so New York, from the quirky characters to the trendy hairstyles and clothes.
I can’t help but smile when I watch After Hours and it always makes me want to hop on a train and spend a night in the city.

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