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New York City subway service will resume on Thursday in some areas only three days after Hurricane Sandy flooded many tunnels and brought the trains to a halt. Despite the fact that many of the network’s deepest tunnels were flooded by Hurricane Sandy on Monday, the governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced that limited service will be resumed on Thursday.
Restoring the entire network could take a long time as critical electrical equipment could be ruined and track beds could be covered with debris.
Authorities say there has never been anything like the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy. We found the wild, weird and wonderful not-so-known sights, sounds and flavors of The Big Apple!
It took us forever to find it, but now that we know it's there, we can't stop picking at it. The lions in front of the Public Library have names -- and a cool way to remember them: Patience and Fortitude are the two lions that guard the entrance to the massive archives. The island boasts a fort, an outdoor art gallery along the bike and foot paths, laid-back attitude and a sandy beach -- complete with a snack shack and plastic palms. Yes, all that is left of the site where George Washington lived and worked as our first president is a dirty old marker on an abutment of the Brooklyn Bridge.
There are tours dedicated to the history of pizza in NYC: If there is one food that screams New York City from the top of the Empire State Building, it has got to be pizza. Fight little old ladies for the best cuts and finest cheeses before settling down to some of the most delicious Italian food this side of the Atlantic.

There's a hotel based on the Dewey Decimal System: Books are everywhere at the Library Hotel and, from the moment one arrives at the card catalogue-decorated front desk in the shelf-lined lobby, to the hundreds of titles in each room that correspond to its number in the Dewey Decimal System.
For example, room 905, is based on 900.005 in the famous library-organizing system, which is the travel and geography category. Underground: Laborers look at the camera while working on a subway tunnel in Manhattan, c 1901-1931 Photos from the New York City Municipal Archive show the New York City subway system under construction from 1901-1931. By 1930, most of the 468 stations in existence today had already been built.From City Hall to modern-day Harlem, the underground liars - and the structures that surround them - would go on to form the nervous system of the city. Back in time: The ground level of a Manhattan station, January 1931 Today, the system has 21 interconnected subway routes, the deepest of which travels 180ft below street level, at 191 Street in Manhattan. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Also, corrosive salt water could have destroyed essential switches, lights, turnstiles and the power-conducting third rail.
For instance, the South Ferry subway station, at Manhattan’s southern tip, had water up to its ceiling. When the ceiling of the main concourse was restored in 1994-98, a patch was left untouched to show just how filthy it had been. Fortitude is pictured above, and the easiest way to tell them apart is that Fortitude is closest to 42nd Street. Since Manhattan's original 28 stations were built, its subway system has grown to over 468 stations serving 1.64billion riders a year.

Beneath layers of concrete and earth, construction workers are dwarfed by drills and walls of dirt and bedrock as they labor to complete the first stations that opened in 1904. Several of the tunnels beneath New York City’s  East River remained flooded Tuesday, with the head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority saying it was too early to tell how long it would take to evacuate the water and make necessary repairs. High water made it difficult for inspectors to assess how badly the equipment was damaged by the water. We took the free ferry ride, rented bikes and spent the day in (relative) quiet on Governor's Island. The trains rumble noisily overhead -- setting off car alarms in their wake, but they're still referred to as subways.
These black-and-white images show the painstaking process endured by the laborers who laid the foundation for the 842 miles of track winding beneath the city pavement today. Chances are that the country’s largest city could be deprived of its underground transport system for more time than experts expected. Whisper into one corner and a buddy can hear it behind you in the opposite one all the way across the hall!

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