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If you take the Downtown 6 train to the last stop at Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall and then stay on the train while it winds around underground to become the Uptown 6, you’ll get a nice little surprise out the window to your right. Even the oak ticket booth with cast iron bars on its windows was more ornate than ones at the rest of the stops. On this page are a variety of Subway Tokens from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Massachusetts and Honolulu.

Cuff Links, Key Rings, and Money Clips made with actual tokens: New York City (1953), Chicago (1922), Boston (1987), San Francisco (1945), and Los Angeles (1960). Unfortunately, with the expanding size or the trains, the tight curve in the stations design created a tremendously unsafe gap for passengers to navigate and the station closed on December 31, 1945. Sealed with concrete slabs, it became a virtual tomb until 1995 when it was intended to be reopened as a part of the New York Transit Museum.

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