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With the elimination of the W and V, and the re-routing of the M train last month, the New York City subway map changed yet again.  To many city dwellers, the map is second nature and fairly easy to decipher. To promote the App, Jabbour wrote an in-depth article for O’Reilly Radar describing his inspiration behind re-designing one of the most complex transit maps in the world. When I decided to try making a new map as a weekend project (ha!), the first thing I considered was the size. The KickMap is based on a combination of ideas I selectively borrowed from many earlier maps (some dating back to the 19th century) and my own innovations.
One of the issues I have with some previous versions of the New York subway map is that I have a hard time believing that the designers ever actually rode the subway as an integral part of their lives in the city. Food Tailor Shop Refugee Spells End to Prosperity Dumpling Reopening Rumors at 365 Broome StreetContrary to its name, Prosperity Dumpling is on a streak of bad luck.
Fashion Nascent Nudie Jeans Flagship Felled by Flood on the BoweryOpen for approximately six months on the Bowery, and the Nudie Jeans repair shop is already sidelined.
Real Estate Rivington House Roundup: City Council Grills Agency Responsible for Deed LiftingCity Council on Friday afternoon grilled Lisette Camilo, the commissioner of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, regarding the controversial deed nullification that led to the $116 million Rivington House boondoggle.
Food Hester Street Fair Kicks Off 7th Season TodayThe Hester Street Fair is back for the 2016 season. Art Daredevil Tattoo Unveils Flashy New Neon Signage on Division StreetIn business nineteen years strong, Daredevil Tattoo bleeds Lower East Side.
Transportation Redesigned Astor Place Inaugural Set for September [PHOTOS]After nearly a decade of construction, roadwork, and headaches, the newly-designed Astor Place is starting to open up.

Still, service changes like trains running on different lines is a mess, no matter what map you have. Bowery Boogie is the largest site dedicated to covering the news and lifestyle of the Lower East Side neighborhood and its residents. Since the New York City subway system has about twice as many stations as London’s, I decided to give myself twice as much space as the Tube map takes.
I believe that this unique combination makes my map easier to use than most of the preceding efforts. There’s a disconnect between many of the decisions they made and the reality of the subway. First, the damning photo of a back-alley kitchen released to the press, then the resultant action by city agencies to shut it down.
The ink spot debuted in 1997, the year the artform was finally re-legalized in New York City. Barely five months after its inauguration, that newfangled thirteen-story luxury residential building is looking for a sugar daddy. It is known for a keen wit and combination of hard-hitting news coverage and lifestyle stories. If I needed the map’s information to get to a new location, I would tear out the relevant six-inch square portion from a free map in the station and throw the rest of it in the trash! In the following sections, I’ll discuss my inspirations and innovations in more detail.

As part of my design process, I rode the lines and exited the stations at every major intersection with which I was unfamiliar.
Seriously, the pace of waterfront development on the Lower East Side is quickening beyond comprehension. Thanks to a 50% rent gouge at 174 Ludlow Street in 2013, ownership settled south of the border – 141 Division Street. Beckenstein building for $28 million, and now hopes to install some tomfoolery called the Orchard Street Social.
The Jones, as the development is dubbed, is currently on the market for an undisclosed sum. I often saw tourists struggling with the physical map and felt bad for them, remembering my great experience as a student in London.
The $16 million overhaul is more than six years in the making, yet still four months from actual completion. Nevertheless, two Lower East Side residents swiped the tone of that statement and applied it more hyperlocally.

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