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For obvious legal reasons, they didn’t give us their real names or ages, but were more than happy to discuss their creative exploits. The writers told ANIMAL that they spray painted the R train in December, and unlike their European counterparts, they didn’t wait for the cover of snow to get up.
According to the Daily News, there have been nine hits on trains in layups — places where trains are temporarily parked since the new year rang in. Online education is also very popular among adults because of the financial benefits it can provide. Yeah I'm an old school writer, and I have no love for the hipster street artist wanna bees. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Graffiti vandals have been on a rampage a€” painting murals and boastful tags on the outside of two dozen subway cars since New Yeara€™s Day. The spray-paint menaces carried out at least nine sneak attacks in the first 11 days of the year a€” sometimes returning to the same spot on consecutive days, sources said. One tagger even taunted authorities for an apparent lack of vigilance, scrawling a€?MTA You are slackena€? on the exterior of a subway car that was parked overnight in the Bronx. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority on average spends about $1 million a year to remove graffiti from its stainless steel subway trains, spokesman Kevin Ortiz said. When weather like that heads our way, the MTA moves many of its subway cars to underground a€?layupa€? areas for the night. The layup areas, which are policed by the NYPD, are inside the much more porous subway system.
A photo of a spray paint can and marker released by the New York City Transit Bureau, which arrested two suspects Saturday morning at the 111th St. The police finally caught up with and arrested two vandals early Saturday morning at the 111th St. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

For the better part of three decades, the debate over subway graffiti has consumed New Yorkers. Just two weeks after famed graffiti artist Iz the Wiz passed away, Transit and the NYPD say that graffiti hits are down by 46 percent this year over 2007. Police patrols and Transit surveillance teams have slashed the number of subway graffiti attacks nearly in half, officials told the Daily News. Over the years, the agency has tried to combat another form of more destructive graffiti — scratchiti, the use of acid to etch glass windows — with less success.
You think this will force them to do something more permanent like scratching the metal exterior? I like how on the R160s they learned from the window rim scratching on the R143s and put rigid metal there. Described as the centre of the New York City street art scene, 5 Pointz is an outdoor gallery for the best underground art, and it has been attracting artists from around the world since 2001.
After the owner, Jerry Wolkoff, gave permission for artists to use the derelict building as a canvas, the walls have been continuously changing, with artists providing an ever-changing  display of new work. That his piercing eyes are worried and his dark hair infiltrated with gray is directly linked to recent statements by the building’s owner that 5Pointz is living on borrowed time — destined to be replaced by two residential towers. This unique graffiti gallery is scheduled to be demolished in September 2013, with high-rise apartments and a shopping mall taking its place.
Ever since the MTA instituted a strict policy of removing spray-painted trains from service over two decades ago, it has become an increasingly rare phenomenon.
So far, there has only been one train yard infiltration, which ANIMAL exclusively reported on Friday. During winter storms, trains are moved to underground 'layup' areas for the night, which presents an opportunity to enterprising vandals. The first half of January featured a major snowstorm, dangerously low temperatures, and several days when sheets of ice covered both the roads and rails. During weather emergencies, the MTA parks many of its idle trains on unused middle express tracks in the dark tunnels between stations.

His incredible shots of the city during the Greed is Good era document a New York that has almost disappeared. As I explored in April, some feel graffiti is art while others believe graffiti exhibits simply glorify vandalism. The agency also struck a new arrangement with city police: The agency would focus on the far-flung railyards while NYPD squads would target tracks between stations, where some trains are parked overnight. As part of an effort to deter graffiti, Transit will not put vandalized trains on the tracks until they are clean, and it can take the agency up to three hours to clean the outside of a car.
As Donohue reminds us, Transit unveiled a pilot program of scratch-resistant ads late last year. Those who perpetrate the crime think it a victimless one and will not stop while those fighting it will have to stay one step ahead of artists who have the run of a wide open system. It also uses some middle express tracks on elevated sections on the outer fringes of lines. No matter the outcome, New York City Transit and the NYPD are hard at work combating these markings. With increased cooperation and manpower, they have been able to cover more ground and get results, DeMarino said. According to Donohue’s sources, the MTA spent $350,000 in 2007 and just $125,000 in 2008 to clean up the trains.
That program, according to Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges, is too expensive to implement throughout the MTA’s rolling stock.

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