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An MTA New York City Transit bus with three doors, low floor and a clean running engine sounds like something from the future, doesn't it? The first Novabus LFS articulated model is operating the SBS route between Bay Plaza (Co-op City) in the Bronx and 207th Street in Manhattan.
Combined with off-board fare collection and the bus-only lanes developed and enforced in cooperation with City DOT and the NYPD, travel time is significantly reduced over the regular Bx12 crosstown service.
Low-floor articulated buses are a major component of the MTA's plan to bring bus service into the 21st century for the more than 2.3 million people who depend upon it each day. Manufactured in Plattsburgh, NY, the Novabus LFS articulated bus is 62 feet long bumper to bumper – two feet longer than the standard-length car used on lettered subway lines. The ZEPS bus by Complete Coach Works, a 40-foot 1996 New Flyer converted to full battery electric operation, is being tested in Manhattan by MTA New York City Transit.
MTA New York City Transit is testing the all-electric ZEPS bus from California’s Complete Coach Works. For New York’s MTA, “This is a first run of a new concept,” chief Department of Buses maintenance officer Henry Sullivan said in an agency post. LaBouff told F&F that NYCT has invited several electric busbuilders to bring their vehicles for trials, and that CCW has been the first to step up.

Complete Coach Works has established a Northern California presence with the acquisition of American Bus Repair and its facility on the former U.S. The tests this week in New York mark the first of a tour of some two dozen cities by the CCW demonstrator. Posted in Electric Drive, EVs and tagged Ben Franklin Transit, CCW, Complete Coach Works, MTA New York City Transit, transit, ZEPS, Zero Emission Propulsion System. Well, the future has arrived on the Bx12 Select Bus Service route with the introduction of the first of 90 new easy-entry articulated buses. With one-step on and one-step off, the bus' low-floor design is ideal for the heavy loading along Fordham Road and Pelham Parkway. The buses are part of a cooperative effort to create new bus-only lanes throughout the city and the development and expansion of the technology that will allow us to let our customers know when the next bus will arrive at the stop.
Also important, says Gary LaBouff of New York City Transit R&D, is the fact that the electric bus is quiet. Ben Franklin’s bus, a 1995 Gillig that had logged some 386,000 miles on diesel, is being fitted now with its all-electric drive at CCW’s facility in Riverside, Calif. Boasting corrosion-free outer skin panels and frame along with improved fuel economy from its clean diesel engine and smart transmission, this technically advanced bus is expected to cost less to operate and maintain during the course of its service life.

Potential for a quiet, full-size city bus that can work 100 miles a day burning no fuel at all.
Orion’s history of innovation continued with the introduction of lithium-ion energy storage technology for series-production buses in 2008. The new development reduced the weight of the brand’s buses, thereby further improving fuel economy. The system powers the bus with a 6.7-liter diesel engine, a generator, an electric motor, and a lithium-ion energy storage unit. The components are arranged in series and were configured especially for the Orion VII hybrid bus.
Acceleration and deceleration are accomplished by varying the speed of the electric motor rather than the diesel engine.

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