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Perhaps the MTA should consider draining down all its cash reserves and then slashing service.
What the NY should do is put tolls on the East River bridges and use the money to subsidize subway fares. I think the MTA deserves credit for offering a novel solution to the growing number of trains that are operating past capacity. The right thing to do is to eliminate the unlimited ride cards and the 5 for 6 discount, implement the lower $1.50 fare off peak, and say that fares have been cut to the level of 1995 for all but the peak hours. At this point, the MTA cannot take more peak riders, and people would rather avoid paying than expand the system.
Fare increases don’t fry me nearly as much as the fact that my wife, a public school teacher, could pay more for her 30-day Metrocard while her colleagues who drive to work will retain their free parking privileges. Setting aside questions of how it manages its finances (if that’s possible), I personally think the MTA is taking a bit of a bum rap on the hikes. While Jonathan is correct that Mark does not actually pay the $2 base fare, Mark is correct that he would be among the beneficiaries of spitzer’s proposal to retain the $2 base fare, if I understand the post. If only the MTA hadn’t proposed the off peak fare, because what ever it proposes the grandstanders are against it. Whereas in Los Angeles advocates sued to keep the monthly low, claiming that the carless working poor used it while the single ride was used by affluent teens going to the mall, in New York the opposite argument was made. And people argue that an off peak discount is inequitable since the rich will change their work hours but the poor are not allowed to. Word On The Street “In all honestly, the workload frequently placed on volunteer CB members is often so large that only the retired or financially independent can put in the time without burning out. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that requires Paratransit service to extend service by a three-quarter-mile corridor beyond fixed-route service, Access-A-Ride (AAR) customers can take trips across the New York City borderline to nearby areas of Nassau and Westchester Counties. Even if youa€™ve never used the bus or subway before, ita€™s never too late to increase your travel independence. If you plan to take a trip on any of the following days (see below), you must call reservations and reserve your trip. Prior to pick-up, you may call Transit Control at 877-337-2017 or 718-393-4999 (customers who are deaf call through the relay) to get the name of your carrier, the vehicle number, and your trip status.
You may call Transit Control during the 30-minute waiting period to inquire about your vehiclea€™s location and its estimated time of arrival (ETA).
If it is more than 30 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time, contact Transit Control.
To provide as many trips as possible during the strike by four carriers, AAR authorized more taxi and car service trips and shifted other trips to non-striking carriers. The PAC commended AAR for maintaining a high level of service despite the strikea€”providing all subscription trips and 80% of other trips that were requested.

After hearing the PACa€™s concerns about contracted Black Car Service (BCS) not always accommodating service animals, Tom responded that those service providers could be penalized.
Tom Charles cited statistics showing that the number of completed trips continued to grow, even through the winter season.
Responding to PAC concerns about drivers who are afraid of guide dogs, Tom Charles agreed to circulate a positive message to carriers about service animals. The meeting ended with a discussion of driversa€™ schedules and a review of the factors that determine when drivers can take their work breaks.
A PowerPoint presentation by Bobby Samuel about the Automatic Vehicle Location Monitoring system (AVLM) was featured.A  AVLM is operating in 700 vehicles from Maggies, Starcruiser, Atlantic, and PTM (Professional). The PAC received copies of the AVLM presentation and examined an actual AVLM terminal, which is bolted to the vehicle.
A change in the Late Cancellation Policy under consideration would allow customers to cancel within three hours before their scheduled trip without penalization.
As soon as PAC receives completed questionnaires from prospective new members, it will fill vacancies. To get information about applying to serve on the PAC, to share suggestions, or to ask about AAR policy, please contact Stephanie L. When you travel within a borough and must arrive at your destination at a specific time, you can reserve a return trip one hour after your appointment time.
When you do not have to arrive at your destination at a specific time, your return trip can be reserved one hour and 30 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. When you travel from one borough to another and you must arrive at your destination at a specific time, you can reserve a return trip one hour and 30 minutes after your appointment time. As long as the driver doesna€™t lose sight of the vehicle and is not more than 100 feet away from it, the driver should help you get to and from the vehicle, help you go up or down the curb or one step, and assist you when boarding. If your organization has 15 or more people interested in learning more about AAR service, please call Russell Schmid at 718-393-4130 or Donna Fredericksen at 718-393-4147 to arrange for a presentation. City Room reports, however, that Spitzer held out the possibility for increases in unlimited ride card rates at a press conference held this morning.Mr.
You are not paying the $2 fare, rather you are paying $1.67 (or less, if you choose to count the transfers) per ride.
Where has anyone said the fare has plunged relative to inflation, while labor costs (driven by retirees not workers) has risen faster than inflation?
The money has to come from somewhere, and it was only when the pols started to look bad did they make any offers of state aid. It still sounds like Unlimited ride cards will see an increase but the base fare will remain at $2.00. Could we see a rise in the breakfast and dinner business as former rush-hour commuters now leave the house earlier to save money and have their morning doughnut at the office?

Why would Spitzer put off a fare hike one year into his term, so that he can deal with one when he’s running for reelection? Day, Presidentsa€™ Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day. If you need to take an elevator or walk a distance to your pick-up location, please allow extra time. The 30-minute waiting period begins at your scheduled pick-up time and ends 30 minutes later. Drivers arriving after your scheduled pick-up time must also wait five minutes before leaving. He added that customers who have concerns about BCS should follow AARa€™s complaint procedure. The upgrade will enable AAR to handle more calls and to contact customers automatically with reminders about certifier trips and subscription service changes during certain holidays.
This will help resolve disputed no-shows.A  AVLM data can also be analyzed to calculate a vehiclea€™s rate of speed.
An interactive voice response system (IVR) is about two years away; it will phone customers when their vehicle is close to the pick-up site. When unexpected things happen, call AAR at 877-337-2017; press #1 for English or #2 for Spanish, then press # 5 for Transit Control.
If no AAR vehicle is available within a reasonable time, the CIA can authorize your calling a taxi or car service. In a city-wide emergency, text messaging displayed on the AVLM can instruct the driver to take a different route.
Bulky items arena€™t allowed on an AAR vehicle, even items that weigh less than 40 lbs, total.
If you must travel, allow more travel time when reserving a trip; anticipate pick-up delays, and late-and-longer ride times. When the vehicle arrives, please show the driver your AAR ID card and pay the exact fare before you board.
Personal care attendants are expected to provide assistance with these tasks when traveling with customers. When you do not have to arrive at your destination at a specific time, your return trip can be reserved two hours after the scheduled pick-up time. Call 877-337-2017, press #1 for English; then press #1 to speak with eligibility staff and update your records.

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