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Today the New York City Subway system celebrates 107 years of operation and continues to be one of the busiest mass transit systems in the world with 486 stations in operation.
During Andre Kuipers time at the International Space Station, he captured a series of 300 photographs that are extremely popular on Flickr.
We bet not many people would admit to believing in zombies, but why do people freakout when they see them? Posted on June 14, 2012 by publicdelivery- Posted in Others and tagged 2008, 2010, 2011, Berlin, NYC.
The only non-profit organization that produces public art projects and exhibitions on every continent.

AboutThe only non-profit organization that produces public art projects and exhibitions on every continent. As the city grew, so did the Subway system, and in the process of keeping pace, some stations had to be completely abandoned.
The eager adventurer has discovered a broad variety of tunnels, from the dirty and old ones in NYC that were built in the 1900s, to the brandnew high-tech tunnels of Vienna, in operation since 2010. He is the first to document subway tunnels in his extensive series Underground Landscapes that shows the underground architecture from major cities like New York, Lisbon, Budapest, Berlin and others.
The underground architecture is protected by a broad variety of security measures, ranging from infra red cameras, sensors to security personnel.

How Stammberger creates his photos will remain unknown for now but make sure to keep an eye out for this underrated photographer.

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