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Established in 1968 as an independent senior college of the City University of New York, Lehman College was named for Herbert H. In addition to programs and departments in the liberal arts, Lehman offers professional programs in business, nursing, health sciences, social work, accounting, computer science, teacher education, and the performing arts as well as premedical, predental, and prelaw programs. Lehman College's athletics complex, the APEX, is a 140,000-square-foot structure that includes an Olympic-size swimming pool, an indoor track, handball and tennis courts, a state-of-the-art fitness center, dance and aerobic studios, and two full-size gymnasiums. To be considered for regular admission, freshman students must have a high school academic average within a 75-80 range and have successfully completed 8-14 units of college prep courses. Columbia's Morningside Heights campus is located at Broadway and 116th Street in Manhattan. Take the New York Thruway (I-87) or the New England Thruway (I-95) south to the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95) in the direction of the George Washington Bridge.
Take the New Jersey Turnpike north or I-80 east to the George Washington Bridge ($8 cash toll heading into New York; westbound to New Jersey is always free).
Trains to New York arrive at Grand Central Station or Pennsylvania Station; buses stop at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Maps of bus and subway routes are available on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority website.
A free shuttle bus connects the Morningside Heights campus with its Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Columbia University Medical Center campuses and affiliate Harlem Hospital. The fastest and most convenient way to reach the medical center by automobile is to follow directions to the George Washington Bridge.
From upstate New York and New Jersey After crossing the George Washington Bridge, follow signs to the Henry Hudson (also called the West Side Highway), and then to Riverside Drive. From Riverdale and Westchester via the Saw Mill River Parkway Exit the Henry Hudson Parkway at the Riverside Drive exit, which is immediately past the George Washington Bridge. From Westchester, Connecticut, or the East Side of Manhattan via the Major Deegan, Cross-Bronx Expressway, or Harlem River Drive approaching the George Washington Bridge, take the Henry Hudson Parkway, stay to the left and follow signs to Riverside Drive.
From the West Side of Manhattan Take the Henry Hudson Parkway to exit 15-Riverside Drive South. A free shuttle bus connects the Columbia University Medical Center campuses and affiliate Harlem Hospital with the Morningside Heights campus and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Courtesy parking in one of Columbia University Medical Center's five parking facilities is available for guest and special visitors to the University for a fee. Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory sits on a high, forested bluff on the Palisades overlooking the Hudson River, about fifteen miles north of Manhattan. Take the upper level of the George Washington Bridge to the first exit (Palisades Interstate Parkway).
Via the New York State Thruway Southbound: Take the Thruway South to Exit 13 (Palisades Interstate Parkway South). During a recent visit to New York City, Cara stopped by New York University to talk a little bit about what it means to go to college in a big city.
Hear from Courtney, a graduate student at New York University, about some of the ways she feels that going to school in New York City enhances her educational experience and prepares her well for a career in the future.

We're officially sick, and our sickness has created in us the habit of journaling during our trips so we can remember the details years later when we've gotten old and our synapses don't work as well. Lehman also provides its students with an array of special programs to enrich their educations.
The Student Life Building houses more than 60 clubs, which are organized around various cultural, religious, political, academic, and personal interests (hobbies), as well as computer lab, conference, kitchen, and recreation areas. Students participate in intercollegiate sports programs in women's basketball, cross country, softball, swimming, tennis, indoor track, volleyball, and cheerleading, and men's baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, tennis, indoor track, outdoor track, volleyball, water polo, and cheerleading.
Students may request aid by filing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid form), which will make them eligible for Pell grants, SEOG, SEEK, Work-Study, and student loans.
Required courses include: 2 or more units of English (or a foreign language) and 2 or more units of math, or 3 units of English, or 3 units of math. Drivers should note that in New York City, right turns at red lights are illegal unless traffic signs state otherwise.
Follow 125th Street westward 12 blocks to Broadway, which is under an elevated subway structure.
Visitors arriving at these stations can take either public transportation or a taxi north to the campus. Kennedy or Newark airports, taxi service is available to the campus (about $25 from LaGuardia; from Kennedy a flat rate of $45 plus tolls), and there is bus service to Grand Central Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Shuttle service schedules and news can be found on the Transportation Services website.
Requests for guest parking must be made in advance by completing a Guest Parking Request Form. 80 East (remain in local lanes) to the Palisades Interstate Parkway exit just before the George Washington Bridge. It is an exciting place filled with opportunities for research, internships, museums, theater, and much more. This Center, through affiliations with the CUNY Media Distribution Center, HETS (Hispanic Educational Telecommunication System), EDNET, and NYC INET, will be linked not only to local city agencies, schools, libraries, and hospitals, but to various campuses around the country. Still other student organizations at Lehman include campus newspapers, a student radio station, performance groups, and sororities. New York State residents may also file a FASIR (Financial Aid Supplemental Information Request), which may enable them to participate in New York State's TAP (Tuition Assistance Program).
Students may also be admitted based on a combined SAT score of 1020 or a combined ACT score of 22, or a total GED score of 300 or higher.
Turn left onto Broadway, which is under an elevated subway structure and continue south to 116th Street. Bus service directly from LaGuardia airport to Columbia, the M60 city bus, is also available. From there, proceed south and turn left onto West 165th Street (the first left), and then right onto Fort Washington Avenue to the medical center parking facility. I-80 East (remain in local lanes) to the Palisades Interstate Parkway exit just before the George Washington Bridge.

However, it is important to consider what kind of student, and learner, you are because for some students it may feel a bit overwhelming and easy to feel lost in the crowd. These links will vastly expand the range of resources for classroom use and individual student research. As the only senior public college in the Bronx, Lehman College serves a diverse student body of many nationalities, incomes, and ages through its commitment to the academic growth and upward mobility not only of its students but of their communities. Lehman offers 14-week Fall and Spring semesters in addition to two 6-week summer sessions; classes are offered days, nights, and weekends to accommodate a student body that includes many adults with working and parenting responsibilities. Students who participate in these organizations make a substantive difference in the quality of their own and their fellow students' lives and also gain valuable experience that serves them well in their post-graduation lives. The College also offers various scholarships, including a renewable Presidential Scholarship for entering freshmen and renewable Lehman College Foundation Scholarships for continuing students.
New York, and NYU, are big places so while it can be easy to get caught up in the thrill of going to school in an exciting environment make sure that you will feel comfortable there, will know how to seek out the opportunities that will be at your fingertips, and also how to ask for help when it is needed. Lehman College houses public service entities such as the Institute for Literacy Studies and the Speech and Hearing Program as well as a distinguished complex of cultural centers that includes art galleries, concert halls, theaters, and a radio and the cable television station, BRONXNET. A child care center, Student Health Center, Student Support Center, bookstore, and two cafeterias help to meet students needs and enable them to concentrate on their academic responsibilities. The College's extensive outreach programs provide students with opportunities to combine their classroom learning with on-the-job training that serves them well in their future careers.
Facilities and Resources Lehman College is a 37-acre campus of Gothic towers and tree-lined walks, where traditional and modern design blend to create an atmosphere of dignity and considerable architectural interest.
2 and 3 express subway trains, which follow a different route and do not stop at Columbia University. They must complete core courses in the humanities, social sciences, the modern age, natural sciences, and problem solving. The Library houses a collection of 536,000 volumes and 500,000 microforms and subscribes to 1,500 periodicals. They must also complete two English composition courses and distribution courses in seven major areas of inquiry.
It boasts a fully automated CUNY-wide book catalog, circulation system, periodical indexes, electronic full-text databases, Internet access, CD-ROMs, LANs, and a video collection. Microcomputers and specialized labs for Internet access, computer graphics, mathematics, biology, and chemistry applications are available throughout the campus. A new Academic Computer Center, slated to open in spring 1998, will provide total connectivity, with satellite capability and networks operational between the campus, public schools, and hospitals.

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