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Meow Meow Tweet proprietors Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier set out to create healthful, natural inspiring soaps, and I am happy to report that they have succeeded!  The soaps are made from “an all-organic base of olive, palm, castor, and coconut oils with an addition of shea or coco butter.”  They are vegan and never tested on animals other than humans. I also save the labels because they are tiny works of art in and of themselves, each one drawn and printed by hand by Jeff or Tara on 25% hemp and 75% post-consumer recycled paper.  I love that the images don’t necessarily have to do with the ingredients in the soap, except for the Yeti and raccoon in a pine forest on the bar of Citronella Fir (this bar is actually designed for campers). You can buy your bars of Meow Meow Tweet soaps on their website, or you can meet Jeff and Tara in person on Sundays at the Makers Market at the Old American Can Factory. There is so much vegan, vegetarian, raw, organic food in New York that it’s tough to know where to start. The bodega would carry everyday vegan groceries as well as everyday household products like cleaning supplies and toiletries. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. NYC Food Trucks is a must for food truck lovers: you can search trucks by location or cuisine. When the windows were opened the other day, I rolled my eyes at the familiar jingle of the ice cream truck. The rolls are small, yes, but they are delicious, and have people coming back again and again and again…The rolls are buttery, but there is also a dairy-free option. Calexico is a beloved Brooklyn Mexican restaurant, and it is definitely worth stopping by one of their carts.
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Meow Meow Tweet will also be participating in the Brooklyn Lyceum’s Spring Food and Crafts Market on May 1 & 2, 2010! We tried as many of these places as we physically could, and are happy to recommend the very best.Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner, the best veggie burger, or vegan sushi, we've got you covered!Browse through the lists below, get inspired, discover places, and have fun!
But our veg-only friends can rejoice because one New Yorker is working hard to change that by opening the city’s first vegan bodega in the Lower East Side. The hopeful opening date is two months from now, even though Hopf has only raised about $2500 of the necessary $15,000. Hopf also wants to carry specialty items like vegan caviar, by-the-pound Field Roast cutlets, and Daiya cheese. Each donation will get a special thank you, and the higher donations will earn you discounts and special gifts! Where would be without the awesomeness of quick, delicious, sometimes even gourmet foods from the streets of New York City? There are reviews of different food trucks, and you can see which is the closest food truck to you at any given moment. This Korean-influenced BBQ has a lot of amazing eats – like housemade tofu, bacon, or the kimchis. Coolhaus is a different kind of ice cream truck, and if they played that annoying sound underneath my windows on repeat, I’d probably be okay if I had a Coolhaus ice cream sandwich in my hand. The lines have calmed down over the years, but I assure you – they are still wonderful.

Pupusas are traditional in El Salvador, and is a corn flour tortilla stuffed with things like pork, chicken, loroco flower, zucchini, chesse, beans, sweet platain, and Jalapeno. Using the fundraising website IndieGoGo, Eric Hopf, a vegan stay-at-home dad is hoping to raise $15,000 to secure the space, stock the shelves, and open the doors for NYC’s first and only one stop shop for vegan groceries. If the demand is there, the store will also sell beer and partner with a local CSA to sell fresh fruits and vegetables. In the old days, street food was gross, something you got when you were out super late at night, and nothing else was open, or when you were in a rush – grab and go. They are currently not serving food due to truck issues, but hope to be back cooking for everyone soon!
The savory waffles are pretty spectacular, and the ice cream is always a great option on a warm day. The ice cream is stacked between two amazing cookies (gluten free options available), and I dare you to not finish it.

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