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With temperatures rising above 80 degrees on Tuesday, New Yorkers stepped out to celebrate what felt like the first day of warm weather in an eternity. Wednesday will see a high of 79 degrees with a chance of isolated thunderstorms, before the temperature falls again on Thursday, with a high of 59. NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: People relax along the East River in lower Manhattan during warm weather on April 9, 2013 in New York City.
An area of low pressure moving trhough Canada is producing a cold front that will strafe the Great Lakes tomorrow. The next system is already going to be moving through Canada on Monday as we make our way west.
For the first several hours of our drive, likely until we arrive in the Tulsa area, where showers and storms will lurk just off to our southeast. We should stay prety dry again on Thursday, finishing our last hour or so in New Mexico, and then 7 more in Arizona. My blog has recently been added to Science Blogs, which is part of one of the largest networks of blog directories on the Web.
New York City gets abundant rain with almost 50 inches of precipitation annually with most of the rain falling in November, January and during the spring months.
Autumn is the perfect time to walk around New York City and enjoy the sites and the beautiful fall foliage and scenery as the trees turn to yellow, orange, and red. The winter in New York City especially during the holiday season, by contrast, can be very crowded with tons of people pouring into the city. New York City during the spring has pleasant temperatures with highs in the 50s, 60s, and 70 just like fall. Summer in New York City can be sweltering hot with temperature highs in the 70s and 80s and lows in the high 60s. New York City will get a layer of snow on Saturday courtesy of a storm system heading north from the Gulf Coast. The region could see two to four inches of accumulation, with snow starting to fall Saturday morning and tapering off early evening, according to the National Weather Service. The National Weather Service has not issued any advisories for the storm though snow and sleet is expected from Washington D.C.
The storm system was marching north on Friday and could also leave a layer of snow on parts of the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley. Snow is expected to fall in Philadelphia overnight as the storm pushes up the I-95 corridor into New Jersey and New York. The storm follows on the heels of a powerful winter blizzard that crippled holiday travel and left at least 16 people dead, mostly in car accidents, from Arkansas to Pennsylvania. The Christmas Day blizzard dumped more than 15 inches of snow on Arkansas, which normally sees its most destructive weather during tornado season.
The storm then moved into the Midwest and Northeast late Wednesday before moving on to Canada.

New York City experienced nearly 24 hours of rain, blistery temperatures and strong wind gusts. New York City is located on the eastern coast of the United States of America about 1000 miles north of Florida and 200 miles south of Boston Massachusetts. The land around New York City is part of the eastern continental shelf, so it tends to be rather flat with sandy soil. The area for many miles around New York City is highly urban with a lot of residential housing and industrial development.
New York City is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, but the prevailing weather comes from the continental landmass.
For the first time since October, temperatures are expected to rise above 70 degrees this week in New York and surrounding areas.
Lingering moisture after the front moves through will lead to some cloudy skies and drizzle across most of the route on Monday. The system will be close enough to us that we may see some drizzle, or at the very least some occasionally breezy winds thanks to the downdrafts of collapsing storms.
We will make it from Elk City and across the Panhandle of Texas and through most of New Mexico with no weather problems.
We will cross the state diagonally, cutting through Phoenix and headed towards Yuma, stopping about 30 miles east of town in Wellton. We won’t see any real problems, except, perhaps, for some toasty weather in southern California, and some early clouds in Wellton. New York City faces the Urban Heat Island phenomenon which makes the metropolitan area much warmer than the surrounding rural areas, especially at night.
One of the best seasons to visit the Big Apple is during the fall, when temperatures are moderate in the 50s and 60s and there is relatively low humidity. Central Park is particularly beautiful at this time.While most days in the fall are pleasant, travelers are advised to check the weather and always have a jacket handy because the weather can fluctuate easily. Although it can be cold with a lot of snow and temperatures in the 30s,this is a magical time to be in the city, with all the beautiful Christmas lights and festive atmosphere. Thunderstorms and showers are common during the springtime, but most days are nice and sunny. Just a few inches across the northeast,a€? AccuWeather meteorologist Tom Kines told the Daily News. Because the system is moving quickly, accumulation was not likely to be significant in any particular area. Up to 20 inches of snow fell in the Adirondacks of New York, and 7.5 inches fell in Indianapolis, its greatest snowfall in four years. Normally, the ocean does not greatly affect, thus summer can get very hot and winter can get very cold. We will intersect with this line of showers with embedded thunderstorms around Pittsburgh (or rather, south of Pittsburgh).

After Tulsa, however, clear, dry skies will be on the horizon until we reach Elk City in western Oklahoma, where we will call it a night.
Some hill country out west might cause engine problems if we decide to take the ’89 Caravan, but otherwise, we should roll into Prewitt, New Mexico with no issues. Late in the day, there is a chance to see some light showers north of Phoenix after we get through the city, but it shouldn’t impact us in any way.
It may be cloudy as we descend into San Diego, but that’s not really a problem, is it? Also because it's back to school time, there tend to be less crowds and it will much be easier to book a table at your favorite restaurant, or get tickets to a Broadway show. For the cheapest hotel rooms and flights during the fall, consider visiting New York City during the week of Thanksgiving. The heavy blanket of snow and winds left widespread damage to power lines, cutting electricity to more than 200,000 customers.
Temperatures in July or August frequently climb above 85 (30 C) and can plummet below -10 (-20 C) in January.
The heaviest rain will likely be as we drive through the sliver of West Virginia we will encounter, including the city of Wheeling. Also get into the Christmas spirit while doing yourholiday shopping during this time at Manhattan's Fifth Avenue stores. The exceedingly hot and humid weather can be unbearable for some, which is why tourists tend to shy away the city during the summer.
Occasionally, the normal weather patterns shift, and (winds called Northeasters) bring moisture from the Atlantic resulting in fierce winds and heavy rainfalls or heavy snowfalls.
The rest of our drive through Ohio will be fairly rainy as well, though it will finally begin to taper off as we arrive in Columbus, the destination for day one. If you happen to be here on New Year's Eve, head over to Times Square for an unforgettable countdown. However, the summer is a great time to attend New York City's most well-known festivals and parades such as the Puerto Rican Day Parade and Macy's 4th of July Fireworks. Long Island extends over 100 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean from the mouth of the Hudson. During the summer, also check out the many outdoor events in the city's public parks, such as the Shakespeare in the Park, Midsummer Night Swing and Central Park's SummerStage. The cold front associated with the second system will be just off to our west when we arrive.

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