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A waterproof jacket or trench coat is recommended -- while umbrellas are helpful, nothing compares with a good raincoat.
With Easter, the Tribeca Film Festival and the Macy's Flower Show all taking place, there are many fun events throughout the month, and the promise of warm weather, as well as April school break, make it a popular time to visit. The last lingering potential of cold and darkness had been ripped away; all was warmth and light. Layers are key to comfort when visiting NYC during this month since the weather can change from cold and rainy to sunny and beautiful, even over the course of just a few hours.Closed toe shoes, comfortable for walking and water-resistant if possible.

It might be spring, but flipflops are not the best footwear for New York City -- your feet are guaranteed to be gross by the end of the day (and probably hurting too!)April Perks:Warmer weather means outdoor activities are more inviting.
The children gone from school to the playground, where schoolmate reconvened with schoolmate. The late air was damp and it had foul smells on it, indeterminate ones and a very specific stench of urine. Depending on the year, the week might be different for different areas -- often, NYC schools are out a different week than neighboring districts.Easter Weekend can mean closings on the Friday before Easter, as well as on Easter Sunday.

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