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The next time you’re in Central Park, go up to Harlem Meer on the north end, then wander westward on the pathway into the heart of the park. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!
ChicagoGeorge proves what we learned in grade school was correct-- Weather is more temperate the closer you are to the ocean. I too agree that dew points are similar in the summer months (in July, Central Park is one degree higher than O'Hare during the day, and one degree lower at night)but that dew point map above is annual, Chicago being much colder and drier than NYC in the winter would skew the annual numbers in NYC's favor.
My suburb sits at the southern edge of the metro area so out dew points are higher being closer to crop land. Much of that is from Chicago being cooler and drier in the cooler season, so it doesn't have much of an effect of summer stickiness. Wait, in terms of city limits, yes, NYC and Chicago are not too different in heat extremes, though Chicago has the advantage. Chicago (Midway) has had a higher record average max than NYC in June, July, and August, and I suspect, May and maybe September too, but you can chime in and correct me if I'm wrong. It does make sense when we are talking about extreme temperature variations or records right?
If we're only talking about extremes, one can make a case for NYC's heat being worse than Miami's, since it has the higher record maximum and minimum.
New York City weather report provides observations from the weather station, updated hourly. Outdoor Activities near New York CityAls u in New York City bent en zou u graag berg klimmen, wandelen, skien of surfen, klik beneden voor meer details.

After the first sharp turn, look off to the west and you’ll see a thick stand of ash, its rough bark set off by delicate oval leaves. An urban forester has to think decades into the future, and the city’s only going to get hotter and hotter. In September, while unveiling plans for a new city bureau, the Office of Long-term Planning and Sustainability, the mayor pledged to make climate-change issues a priority. Don't know if there are any locations in New Jersey that have dew points over 70 degrees in the summer. I'd agree that stickiness goes to NYC, but the difference is very small, and within the year to year variability of both places. However, comparing the entire metro areas of both cities, then Chicagoland blows Greater NYC out of the water. Sure, its heat is worse at times, but judging a climate based on the average conditions makes the most sense, to me.
The table features wind speed, dewpoint, visibility and atmospheric pressure measurements as well as a detailed temperature graph.
This temporary condition happens from time to time to some weather stations, please check back later.
From backstage beauties to city skylines, this California girl experienced all things fashion and even magical snow. There is no station within 500+ miles or greater of NYC that has ever had an average max of 100F in a month. A log of weather variations over the past 18 days is also shown covering separate daytime and nighttime observations.

There are at least two stations within 55 miles of Chicago that have, and multiple stations that have had average monthly maximums above 95F. NYC has a higher average max and min in July and August, Chicago's average max is higher in June, but its mean is still lower.
Green and white ash, our local varieties, are classified as “hardiness zone three or four,” northern trees that prefer moist, well-drained soil. Chicago tends to see wider temperature variations, but NYC's average annual maximum is still higher than Chicago's. Atleast you can expect a cold front from Canada to hit Chicago and make things more bearable. New York used to be like that, 200 years ago—but the temperature in the past century has risen over two degrees, and it’s getting drier every year. Don't expect a drastic difference as if you're comparing lets say North Carolina to Chicago but a 5-10° DP difference is there that makes NYC more stickier.
Normally an ash will live 250 years, but this summer Calvanese had to chop down a majestic 130-footer when it stopped thriving.

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