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The following weather charts display the monthly average weather conditions of New York, USA. Something unusual: The rainiest leg of our trip will be the drive through northern California. That Pacific Low is finally making it’s way into the Pacific Northwest, and a final, aggressive batch of rain and mountain snow is moving into the country.
An area of low pressure will shunt off from the bigger broader system in the northwest and move through Canada.
My blog has recently been added to Science Blogs, which is part of one of the largest networks of blog directories on the Web. La Ciudad de Nueva York esta ubicada sobre la costa este de los Estados Unidos de America a unas 1000 millas al norte de Florida y a 200 millas al sur de Boston Massachusetts. La tierra que rodea a la Ciudad de Nueva York es parte del estante continental este, asi que tiene a ser chata con terreno arenoso.
Por muchas millas a la redonda, la Ciudad de Nueva York es una zona muy urbanizada, con muchas propiedades residenciales y desarrollos industriales.
La ciudad de Nueva York esta sobre la Costa del Atlantico, pero el clima dominante esta determinado por la masa continental. Reserve un recorrido con Helicopteros Liberty y disfrute de una experiencia que recordara toda su vida.

The first weather graph displays the day time maximum average temperature and the number of wet days per month, the second shows the number of hours of sunshine per day compared to the month average rain fall and the third chart indicates the maximum and minimum temperature in Fahrenheit and Centigrade. The system that’s been parked over the north Pacific will continue to pump moisture inland, but we will set forth on our journey between the heaviest the heaviest bands of activity.
It will begin to tap into Gulf moisture, as a cold front develops in the eastern Iowa, and wraps a great deal of energy into the parent low, skirting the international border.
It will be fairly chilly over the southern Great Lakes behind our front, mentioned over the past two days now.
Normalmente el oceano no la afecta demasiado, asi que los veranos son muy calurosos y los inviernos muy frios.
This average weather conditions can be useful when planning a holiday, business trip or vacation to New York, USA. Through the rest of Nevada and probably until we reach the Great Salt Lake, I think we will stay dry, but clouds to our north will remain grey and ominous. Skies will be clear through out our route, and really, the only problems we will have with this trip will be the traffic as we attempt to navigate Manhattan. Las temperaturas durante los meses de Julio o Agosto a menudo alcanzan los 85 F (30 C) y pueden bajar a -10 F (-20 C) durante el mes de Enero.
We will move into the Wasatch and mountains of western Wyoming, and we will start to see a change.

It may get a little blustery as we approach Joliet, southwest of Chicago, but the low continues to ride north of the Great Lakes and the front will become increasingly active, but well ahead of our position on the road.
En ocasiones, los patrones climaticos normales cambian y unos vientos (llamados "del noreste") traen humedad del Atlantico, causando fuertisimos vientos y grandes caidas de lluvia o nieve. Several feet of snow will fall on the peaks and some snow will likely fall in the lower elevations, probably slowing our drive through the Donner Pass by Truckee, but as we descend into Nevada, all the nasty weather will be behind us, both geographically and chronologically. Rain will fall at the low elevations, but as we ride out of Utah’s capital, we will begin to see mixed precipitation and some occasionally heavy wet snow. Given the wind that may pick up, there is a better than 0 chance that they might close I-80 through this part of the world, so we better make sure we hit Wyoming before that. We will make it out of the wet weather around Table Rock, with clearing skies, the calm before the storm, when we arrive in Walcott, Wyoming, east of Rawlins.

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