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Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm touts his support for transit on his website and represents a district where 38 percent of people take transit to work. It isn’t only Democrats blasting the House Republican transportation bill, which would eliminate dedicated federal transit funding, cost the MTA up to $1 billion a year and slash bicycle and pedestrian funding. But most of New York’s Republican congressmen, including some who present themselves as strong supporters of transit, are staying curiously silent. Few Republicans should be more opposed to the House transportation bill than Staten Island representative Michael Grimm. New Jersey representative Rodney Frelinghuysen represents fewer transit riders than Grimm, but NJ Transit is critical to the prosperity of his Morris County district. Neither Grimm nor Frelinghuysen’s offices have responded to Streetsblog inquiries about the transportation bill.
King, too, is focused on the harm the House bill would do to the region’s transit system. A regional consensus is starting to form that the House transportation bill would be a disaster for the entire New York metro area. Across the region, Republicans represent constituents dependent on commuter rail lines and suburban bus systems. Neither Hayworth nor Lance’s offices have responded to Streetsblog inquiries, nor have the offices of Republicans Chris Gibson, Scott Garrett, Frank LoBiondo or Chris Smith.
Perhaps the region’s Republicans are still deciding whether to vote with their transit-riding constituents or cave to the Republican leadership. Grimm is also co-sponsoring legislation to allow natural gas facilities at the Floyd Bennett Field section of Gateway National Recreation area, so I wouldn’t expect much from him. Word On The Street “In all honestly, the workload frequently placed on volunteer CB members is often so large that only the retired or financially independent can put in the time without burning out.
The city's OTB and its major union recently made a secret deal promising hefty buyouts and pay hikes of as much as 20%. Two former leaders of their respective houses of the New York state legislature are on trial concurrently. Thanksgiving week will see just a few days of political activity, but the beginning of the week is looking busy.

Officials from the New York State Board of Elections and the New York City Campaign Finance Board outlined plans for overhauling their respective financial disclosure tools on Friday.
On Friday morning representatives from both the New York State Board of Elections and the New York City Campaign Finance Board will come together to outline updates to their reporting systems and take questions from candidates, journalists, watchdogs, and others.
While former state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's corruption trial continues this week, former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos' gets started.
New York's leading good government groups gathered at Manhattan's Foley Square Wednesday to call on the New York State legislature and the governor to take immediate action to reform public ethics laws. Wednesday is Veterans Day, with parades, resource fairs, and events to honor and aid veterans taking place before, on, and after the day itself.
United States Attorney Preet Bharara's attention has been drawn away from his normal stomping grounds to Buffalo, intrigued by what critics say is a shadowy network of state authorities and state-controlled non-profits handing out large business subsidies and contracts with little to no oversight. Mayor Bill de Blasio was in Israel over the weekend, where he spoke at the Annual Conference of Mayors, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visited recent terror attack victims, and made several other stops, including at the Western Wall and at a school educating a diverse student population. Last week, two former New York State Assembly Democrats were sentenced in federal corruption cases. THE POPE IS COMING: Pope Francis is coming to New York City at the end of the week, with public events on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday Governor Andrew Cuomo, joined by Vice President Joe Biden, held a rally to announce a campaign to make New York the first state in the nation with a $15-per-hour minimum wage.
Is there any sense that Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo may figure out a truce and work together instead of being antagonists?
What bills will be introduced and passed at the City Council's first (of two) full-body Stated Meeting of the month, set for Thursday? Gotham Gazette is published by Citizens Union Foundation and is made possible by support from the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, the John S. In the transit-dependent New York region, some Republicans are balking at the ferociously anti-urban legislation. Long Island Representative Peter King, the senior-most Republican from the New York delegation, is also expressing some serious doubts about the Republican legislation.
In Grimm’s district, which includes parts of Brooklyn, a full 38 percent of people take transit to work, according to the Census.
In a letter sent to the top Republican and Democrat on the House Transportation Committee, Turner specified exactly what his urban district needs, including both transit funding and pedestrian safety programs.

The New York Times, the New York Daily News, and the Newark Star-Ledger have all editorialized against the House transportation bill. I doubt he cares much at all about his transit riding constituents so long as he can continue to wave the tea party flag that many middle class Staten Islanders are so enamored with. Albany ethics and pay-to-play culture will continue to loom over and be laced throughout the day-to-day news out of the two trials. Mayor Bill de Blasio will hold a breakfast reception to honor the military veterans Wednesday morning. There aren't many high-profile races on the ballot, but we will soon have two new members of the City Council, two new District Attorneys (Staten Island and the Bronx), and a few new state legislators.
The New York Mets begin their quest for the title against the Royals in Kansas City on Tuesday night, followed by another game in KC on Wednesday and then games in Queens on Friday, Saturday, and, if necessary, Sunday.
Andrew Cuomo is fond of calling New York a "progressive leader," declaring the state trailblazing on issues that matter, like marriage equality and gun control. While the punishment bestowed upon each may warn current lawmakers to toe ethical lines, progress on concrete reforms aimed at curbing the type of behavior that landed William Boyland Jr. Cuomo today [Monday] departed for Puerto Rico with a New York delegation that will discuss the Puerto Rican government's ongoing healthcare crisis and economic challenges. If he votes for the House transportation bill, though, he’ll be jeopardizing the federal transit funding he has pledged to secure. Attorney Preet Bharara, each is accused of using his office for private gain, among other charges. On Thursday, the City Council will hold a hearing on veteran homelessness, which the mayor vowed to end by the end of this year as part of a national pledge. If the series continues, games six and seven would be the following Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov. He also celebrated federal support for projects that have reduced traffic fatalities for senior and child pedestrians.

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