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Stage Deli is a Delicatessens restaurant located in the Midtown West neighborhood at 834 Seventh Ave. The food was all very well prepared, service wasn't quick but wasn't slow, you didn't get the feeling they were serving you to get you out the door. We circled the block looking for our choice of eateries and finally settled for Stage Door Deli.
The sandwich isnt one of those " so big you can make 3 sandwiches " out of it, but a decent portion of meat. But in September 1982, the ground floor opened as the O'Neal Brothers Restaurant, one in a string of eateries run by Michael and Patrick O'Neal. Wyndam’s and the Duke of York’s – and a stone’s throw from the English National Opera and Royal Ballet, for decades it has been a firm favourite with those who make their living in the performing arts, from A-List stars to the stage hands and technicians. NEW YORK — Without treatment to replace his failing kidneys, doctors knew, the man in Bellevue hospital would die. Flakowitz of Boynton Beach, Florida, West Palm Beach Old New York Deli Style Restaurant, Breakfast, Luch, Dinner, Catering and Pick Up Foods. The Carnegie Deli is an authentic New York deli that others often try to imitate, but can never duplicate! Specializing in sandwiches, their pastrami sandwich is said to give Carnegie Deli some competition. With a unique mix of food, atmosphere and service, the Jerry's Famous Deli family stands out in the American restaurant landscape.

I thought Stage Deli to generally be sophisticated entirely, through the look through the appearance.
Ocala-born Patrick, of course, was famous as an actor on stage, movie screens and television.
Owners Patrick and Michael O'Neal also owned restaurants in New York, Hollywood, Coconut Grove and other spots. Unlike most states, New York, California and North Carolina define outpatient dialysis as an emergency measure. Founded in 1937, situated in Midtown on 7th Avenue at 55th Street, the deli is a part of the New York experience. The queues outside the deli just prove that this famous New York must-see eatery is one New York landmark not to be missed.
Generations of customers have stood and watched the carver as he skillfully carves a pile of pastrami, turkey or corned beef. After owner Ike Starkman opened its flagship location in 1978, in Studio City, California, Jerry's immediately began to establish a reputation as the quintessential delicatessen.
Popular New York Times critic Mimi Sheraton really put Carnegie Deli on the map when on March 2, 1979 she named the Carnegie Deli's Pastrami Sandwich the number one pastrami in New York City against twenty-two other delis. In 1903 Willy Katz joined the team and by 1910 he bought out the brothers thus creating Katz’s delicatessen as we know it today. From the menu (featuring over 600 traditional deli and dining favorites) to the moderate prices, to the delivery and catering services, people who love food have found that there is a lot to love about Jerry's.

According to Dr Phil (and numerous other celebrities), Carnegie Deli has the best sandwiches in the world. Due to the lack of transport in the early twentieth century and the Lower East Side becoming the home of millions of new immigrants, Katz’s Deli became a focal point for congregating. The list of celebrity patrons is endless from Bruce Willis to Barbra Streisand and Al Gore. Over the last century, a lot has come and gone, but Katz’s Delicatessen is still where it was in 1888 and the name exudes the quality and tradition that this deli upholds.
With its location near all the major film and television studios, Jerry’s created a loyal customer base and additionally became a favourite with tourists. Their famous and spectacular cheesecake even gets shipped from coast to coast to satisfy their countless, countrywide customers.
They also specialize in old world favorites such as; knishes, matzoh ball soup, stuffed cabbage, and of course their pickles. Their portions are notably known for being extremely generous and their customers are known to be famous too.

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