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The cover calls out one of the thousands of opponents of New York's new gun control law who rallied in Albany, N.Y. The Daily News launched a series of gun control covers after the Newtown shooting massacre in 2012 with about nine strongly opinionated front pages campaigning for tougher laws. Following a federal judgea€™s ruling in December that the seven-round magazine limit imposed under the New York SAFE Act was a€?tenuous, straitened, and unsupporteda€? and therefore unconstitutional, state police have updated their filed guide on the controversial law to urge officers not to enforce the arbitrary magazine limit.

The announcement on the revisions to the New York State Police NY SAFE Act Guide was made on Wednesday and came via the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. Please share this article on Facebook and Twitter if you support the New York police’s decision to NOT enforce unconstitutional gun control laws.
It also created its own petition following the tragedy calling for the ban of all assault weapons.

The new law imposes stricter gun regulations including banning the sale of certain firearms, increasing penalties for illegal possession and tightening registration rules and federal background checks.

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