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Shutting down an operation that funneled 112 guns from Pittsburgh and Atlanta into the city, authorities in Brooklyn announced a series of arrests and showed off a haul of firearms.
Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson on Wednesday announced a 541-count indictment on a host of weapon and conspiracy charges against eight defendants who allegedly purchased numerous guns and, over the period of a year, sold them to undercover officers in Brooklyn. Using Chinatown buses for transportation, the primary defendant, Michael Bassier, 31, the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, allegedly made a dozen trips to Atlanta and brought back several handguns on each return. Also charged was Willie Ware, 26, of Canarsie, and Anthony Jackson, 25, of Brooklyn who allegedly acted as Bassier’s brokers and lookouts in New York City, helping to set up deals with buyers. Three defendants in Georgia and two in Pennsylvania, primarily women, were also indicted for their role as illegal straw buyers in those locations, picking up guns from pawn shops and gun stores as well as other sources which they then passed on to Bassier on his visits. According to officials, guns would be acquired for typically between $150 to $300 by the straw buyers who would be reimbursed by Bassier who would then pay each illegal buyer a $50 finder’s fee per gun.
As part of the buys, dating back to September 2014, police paid Bassier $130,050 for 112 guns. The majority of firearms were inexpensive guns such as Hi-Point, Bersa and Jimenez Arms models, along with a smattering of higher end firearms.

As noted by authorities, Bassier faces 25 years if convicted of all charges while his co-conspirators face lesser punishments. Well, if the Democrats push through their wish to make gun manufacturers liable for the crimes committed with their products, wouldn’t the bus and auto manufacturers be liable for the use of their products in the commission of these crimes? NYPD paid criminals $133,000 over the course of a year (with 70% margins?) And they think this is a success? These practices were already illegal under the racist 1968 Gun Control Act to buy a gun in one state and sell it in another state without a federal firearms license. In probably the finest effects shot of the entire film, Paris gets nailed with an enormous chunk of asteroid, destroying the entire city in a dazzling display of light and movement. Bratton and Brooklyn DA officials announced the wrap up of a yearlong illegal gun investigation Wednesday. Bassier also made shorter trips by car to Pittsburgh where he also picked up firearms for the underground market back in the Big Apple. In his exchanges with undercover detectives, Bassier then sold the firearms for as much as $1,200 apiece.

However in his remarks Thompson fixated on the Georgia connection without mentioning the illegal guns coming from Pittsburgh.
These 8 people off the streets is a drop in the bucket for crime guns coming in and New York and spent $133,000 doing it.
The honest folks there are deprived from their 2A rights, and we can see that criminals are not. He then in turn sold them to undercover New York Police detectives at a Walgreens parking lot on Rockaway Parkway in Canarsie.
If anything NYPD only encouraged more people to bring guns in when others found out they could be making $100k+ year funneling guns into the city.

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