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We don’t come across many tailgate options for the New York-based NFL teams, but when we do, they’re usually for the Giants. As you can see above, any anti-Jets fans would find this thing obnoxious, which means it’s perfect for any Fitzmagic fans in the market.
You have the J-E-T-S chant plastered on it, additional Jets lettering on the windows and a green-white color scheme. Today, however, we’ve come across a 2005 Ford 450 tailgate bus for sale on Craigslist.

In most professional sports leagues there are timelines and routines that players go through on each game day.
On Sunday, the Buffalo Bills had to be flexible when the early bus heading to the stadium broke down and was delayed getting to the stadium. Bills Jerry Hughes had fun with the incident by giving a solid play-by-play of the incident.
The early Bills bus got to the stadium without any major hiccups and that bus driver will have a story to tell his family for years to come.

This incident isn’t more than a minor nuisance and is way better to go through than being woken up by an errant false alarm fire tone in the middle of the night.

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