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New York - Un Americain de 44 ans ayant exprime sur Twitter son allegeance au leader des jihadistes en Irak et Syrie a ete arrete a l'aeroport John F. Kennedy de New York la semaine derniere et place en detention, a-t-on appris lundi de source judiciaire.
According to a new report, the company would have to open more than 100 of these stores to gain a 21 percent market share citywide.

The store’s profit margins are smaller than that of Walmart megastores, meaning that many stores would have to open in New York City in order for Walmart to meet its goal of growing sales in the United States.The union-backed study to be released today estimates Walmart would have to build 114 of the new Walmart Express stores, 34 mid-sized stores and 11 supercenters.
The study predicts there would be at least a dozen in each borough, and contends these stores would cause a net loss of 3,980 jobs throughout New York City and a loss of $353 million in wages for retail workers.Walmart opponents hope the threat of hundreds of stores spread across all five boroughs – rather than the prospect of a few supercenters in far-flung locations across the city – will shift public sentiment against the company coming to New York City. Three independent polls have recently shown public support for bringing Walmart to New York City.Read the full post at City Hall News.

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