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Six people have been killed and others are injured after a commuter train from New York City hit a vehicle on the tracks during rush hour, according to officials. Spokesman Donovan said several hundred passengers were taken to a local business for shelter.
Passengers could be seen walking through snow as they moved away from the burning wreckage.
Roads were blocked off for many blocks around the site, and the entire area was lit up with lights from emergency and police vehicles. Witnesses told The New York Times they heard passengers moaning as they tried to escape the train. Shuttle train service has been operating between Grand Central Terminal and North White Plains, and between Pleasantville and Southeast.A Limited shuttle bus service was operating between North White Plains and Pleasantville, according to the MTA.
Two commuter trains serving New York City collided in Connecticut during Friday's evening rush hour, sending 60 people to the hospital. Two commuter trains serving New York City collided in Connecticut during Friday's evening rush hour, sending 60 people to the hospital. The train was hit by a train heading west from New Haven to Grand Central on an adjacent track, Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesperson Aaron Donovan said.
Amtrak, which uses the same rails, suspended service indefinitely between New York and Boston. Lola Oliver (49) of Bridgeport, was riding one of the trains when the crash threw her from her seat. And I just gripped it because I felt the train sliding," Oliver told the Associated Press. Oliver, a cardiology technician, was treated at a hospital for cuts and bruises and released. Malloy said there was extensive damage to the train cars and the track, and it could take until Monday for normal service to be restored. By late evening, Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph Gaudett said everybody who needed treatment had been attended to, and authorities were beginning to turn their attention to investigating the cause. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority operates the Metro-North Railroad, the second-largest commuter railroad in the nation.

Rumours of finance minister's imminent arrest a disaster for SA, says DAThe Hawks planned to arrest Pravin Gordhan in relation to the SARS 'rogue unit', but the NPA had made no decision to prosecute, according to reports.
ANC top brass plan Zuma's exitNEC insiders claim that President Jacob Zuma is being consulted on ways to bow out gracefully. Landmark silicosis ruling allows class action against gold firmsAnalysts said the suits could cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars in the largest class action in Africa’s most industrialised country. Originally published on July 17, 2014 2:41 pm A tentative agreement has headed off a strike at the nation's largest commuter railroad. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. It now costs $2.75 to ride the New York subway as of March 22, a 25-cent increase that will help fund the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's budget. He said the train car that collided with the Jeep dragged the car several train car lengths before finally coming to a stop. Andrew Cuomo, who became personally involved in talks between the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and unions representing Long Island Rail Road workers, announced Thursday that a deal had been reached, three days ahead of a planned strike.
If you want to act like a native New Yorker you need this map to figure out how to get around the city and its environs.
Buy your TRANSITWISE® map today and you too can navigate the New York Metro Area like a native. Talks had continued through the night, and labor and management came to an agreement Thursday at the governor's Manhattan office. Our mission is to make you feel comfortable, to make you feel safe in a place where you've never been before and to enable you to experience a familiar place more fully.The company was founded in 1984 by Michael Brown, who had been in international publishing for many years, setting up subsidiaries for textbook publishers. In the 1970's, Brown traveled extensively throughout Africa, India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Federal mediators had sided with the unions in recent months, but the MTA rejected two different sets of nonbinding recommendations.
Brown would take a large paper map, cut out the city center, folded it up and slip it into his pocket, thus preventing him from looking like a tourist in areas where discretion is the better part of travel. The MTA had recently proposed offering a 17 percent raise spread over seven years, while asking workers for concessions on pensions and health care.

This was his tool for surviving.After many years on the road, Brown settled back in New York and decided to start his own business, based on the adaptations he had made to maps in his travels.
Prendergast said Thursday's deal will not put upward pressures on fares, according to City and State.Copyright 2014 NPR.
This new format would enable the user to blend in like a native, instead of stick out like a tourist. Brown then added lamination to ensure that the map would be a lasting tool.More important than the format was the design of the map itself. It had to be a map that not only succeeded above and beyond any map he had used, but was esthetically appealing as well.
Color was introduced in a way that was never seen before in a map - vivid purple for water, soothing gray for the background of street grids, gold to highlight elements of the map.
Clarity, conciseness and convenience in a very stylish package.Building the business was a 24 hour job. Brown sold the maps during the day, zipping around Manhattan making deliveries on his Harley Davidson. We have grown from the back of a motorcycle to selling millions of maps around the world.Yet each title is still painstakingly researched and updated. STREETWISE® is one of the only, if not THE only map company that conducts research by walking or driving an area to ensure accuracy.
After all, what good is the map if what you hold in your hands doesn't match what you see on the street sign? It's about being in a city or a region and discovering things that you never thought you would find.

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