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Long Island Rail Road customers this summer will be able to take an express train from Penn Station to the Hamptons without making any stops, LIRR officials said yesterday. The popular Cannonball train, which for years originated in Queens, is moving to Penn Station beginning Memorial Day weekend. The train will take riders from Manhattan to Westhampton Beach station in 94 minutes before continuing to Montauk. The Cannonball, which operates on Friday afternoons during the summer, is among the LIRR's oldest and most heavily used, transporting 1,400 riders each day. Although most of its customers live in Manhattan, the train has never departed from Penn Station, in part because of logistical and reliability issues with the LIRR's diesel-electric trains. The Hamptons train service could bring several hundred additional riders to Penn Station, but Williams said its operation should go more smoothly, in part because Penn has more space and resources than Hunterspoint Avenue or Jamaica, including open ticket windows. At 14 cars long, including two locomotives, the Cannonball is the longest train operated by the LIRR at about twice the length of a typical diesel-electric train. Montauk Chamber of Commerce president Paul Monte said the changes would benefit the East End economy. LIRR Commuter Council chairman Mark Epstein welcomed the new service but called on the railroad to restore trains on the West Hempstead, Greenport and Port Washington lines that were cut in 2010. The LIRR is planning other improvements on its Montauk line, which saw a 34 percent boost in ridership last summer compared with the summer of 2011. The LIRR also is adjusting the schedule of some Montauk trains to better coordinate with Fire Island ferry service provided near some stations. This photo shows work underway at the future 72nd Street Station, where crews are filling out the raw rock of the cavern with concrete lining. Rather than extend the permit for another 50 years, advocates of building a new, grander Penn Station have argued that the commission should grant Madison Square Garden a permit for just a decade, enough time for it to find a new home elsewhere in Manhattan.The city will in fact propose a 15-year renewal, rather than a 50-year one, which is in theory a victory for the planners. Forgotten NY was the first recipient of the Outstanding NYC Website award by the Guides Association of NYC in March 2015!
Forgotten New York is a program of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, a non-profit organization supported by the Long Island City community.
Most people who have commuted into New York City from New Jersey or Long Island, or perhaps taken the train from other parts of the country like Washington, Boston, or Chicago in the past 35 years, have thought of Penn Station as the basement under the Felt Forum on 33rd Street. Later, when the overhead catenary wires were installed, replacing third rail in the station, the floor was extended and the view to the tracks was obscured. Everything has now been torn down except for a few of the brass bannisters on the staircases.
The vagaries of transportation took their toll on the station over the years after WWII, and both the Pennsylvania Railroad and its grand station began their decline.

In all there were twenty-two eagles crowning the station, each weighing fifty-seven hundred pounds, each given its form by the noted sculptor Adolph A.
This Penn Station eagle has found its way to the courtyard of a building on 3rd Avenue near St. A small area of the original Penn Station can be found when you walk toward the front of the downtown IRT local platform. When Penn Station was originally constructed in 1910, the automobile was in its infancy and you were just as likely to arrive in a carriage as you were in a car. Penn Station had two carriageways, the north for the Long Island Railroad passengers and the south for the Pennsy. A hand lettered sign can still be seen above the arch leading to the subway platform on the downtown IRT platform. In its glory days the floor of Penn Station was laid with thousands of glass bricks like the ones at left, which were still in a baggage area near Track 1 (by 2012, long replaced). The Kansas City, MO Eagle Scout Memorial employs Penn Station’s exterior clock sculptures. Possibly the most intriguing find is the discovery of part of an original track indicator in the baggage area near Track 1. With acute attention to detail, the train indicators, placed at the boarding gates, had been specially designed to conform to the ornate fencing that enclosed the platform area.
The Pennsylvania Railroad merged with New York Central to become Penn Central in 1968; the whole shabang went bankrupt in 1970.
When I first learned of the original Penn Station, not only was I saddened to know of its demise, but to find a familial connection made it even more touching. I have often wondered at the dissimilar architecture when walking from the 1,2,3 Subway into Penn Station. For decades, the train has left from the LIRR's small Hunterspoint Avenue station, where officials said crowding problems are common. The LIRR is introducing "Cannonball West" -- a Sunday evening express train out of Montauk that will stop at Jamaica and Penn Station. Kennedy (code aeroport JFK) est situe sur la rive du Jamaica Bay, dans le Quartier du Queens de New York, a 27 kilometres de New York City. The largest building ever erected for rail travel, Pennsylvania Station, commissioned by Pennsylvania Railroad President Alexander Cassatt and built by architectural firm McKim, Mead and White, stood between 31st and 33rd Streets and 7th and 8th Avenues — over eight acres. You could stand on the concourse and watch the trains enter and leave the station, as sunlight streamed through the skylights. Concessions to the modern age like neon signs and illuminated advertising, as well as deferred maintenance which left a thin layer of dirt over what were once magnificent pink marble columns, left Penn Station, which was only a half century old in 1960, looking a lot older than its actual age.

See above picture of Penn Station in 1910 for these staircases in their original incarnation.
This ledge, containing original brass bannisters and tiled arches (with the addition of modern lighting) is at the top of the staircase leading down to the token booth.
For an additional $20, riders can reserve seats in special cars where food and drinks are sold and wait service is provided. If such an agreement were to reached, and the City Planning Commission's chair (who is appointed by the mayor) were to approve it, then the Garden could remain where it is, on top of the ever-more-crowded Penn Station. Considere comme l'un des plus grands et plus frequentes aeroports du monde; il dispose egalement d'un total de 8 salles d'embarquement. Above, in the ceiling, can be seen a small piece of the pedestrian walkway that arched over it. The aluminum sign cards, which displayed the name of the train as well as its stops, were painted bright red, the only touch of color in this room of black and grey.
I wonder what he would have thought: Would he have believed in their worth, or been happy to see things torn down to bring in the new? Its special permit, in other words, would have no expiration date.“We think this exception would be a mistake,” wrote Robert Yaro, president of the Regional Plan Association, and Vin Cipolla, the president of the Municipal Art Society, in a letter to planning commissioner Amanda Burden last week.
The automobile and the jet airplane had superseded the railroad as the preferred method of travel in the United States. Once the servants of the sun, symbols of immortality, the stone birds that had perched atop the station now squatted on a city street, penned in by sawhorses as their station came down around them.
It saddens me to see such glory demolished, and when I realize my father’s part in its undertaking, it makes me more adamant in the protection of the history we still posses. Perhaps the old post office building can now give us some sense of the grandeur the original Penn station had if they ever go ahead with the conversion and restoration.
Le systeme ferroviaire de transport rapide de l’aeroport, le Airtrain JFK est relie au Metro de New York et au Chemin de Fer de Long Island. To compound the trouble, Penn Station had never developed the symbiotic relationship with its neighborhood on the West Side the way that Grand Central Terminal had over on the east side. He came home with many stories of its progress, including the loss of a man, fallen from the ceiling of the forum during his working on the project.

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