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Cheap pizza slices the size of your torso are exactly what you need when you’re a starving artist. The White Horse has been beloved of starving artists – and longshoremen – through the ages, due to its cheap prices and large measures. A beautiful bookshop full of beautiful people, where you can happily spend hours in the warm reading excellently curated titles on antique leather stools, before regretfully popping them back on the shelf because you can’t afford to spend $17.99 on an embossed special edition.
This is the only place in lower Manhattan to score really cheap food, groceries, and household items.
You’ve been starving for so long that your stomach has shrunk to the size of a peanut, so why spend money on large meals, right? When you’ve been walking for hours and can’t afford the entrance fees for museums or galleries, you can still go to one of the most stunning buildings in New York for free. This is lovely place to walk, write or draw, away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan’s streets.
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Last week I joined a protest against the proposed Central Library Plan, which would remove the stacks of the New York Public Library’s flagship building and replace them with the lending libraries currently housed in the Mid-Manhattan Library (across the street) and the Science, Industry, and Business Library (at Madison and 34th), at a cost of at least $300 million, with construction taking six years. Rather than listen to my reasons, I hope you will consider some questions (below), and read what prominent critics have to say (bottom).
Why allot $150 million to a single, central library when branch libraries are being closed and NYPL management is complaining about $47 million in funding cuts? Are there political or business interests driving this plan (which involves closing the Mid Manhattan Library and the Science, Industry, and Business Library; and selling the buildings that house them)? The Committee to Save the NYPL is investigating all avenues of opposition to the Central Library Plan and we need your help!
The New York Public Library is seeking applications for Short Term Research Fellowships to support scholars from outside the New York metropolitan area engaged in graduate-level, post-doctoral, and independent research.
Individuals needing to conduct on-site research in the Library’s special collections to support projects in the arts and humanities are welcome to apply.

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You can’t just sit in your apartment being creative, because your apartment will be the size of an elevator and will only have one never-cleaned window that looks on to a dark air shaft.
You’ll spend a lot of time wandering the streets thinking of ways to make money by selling your art…or by selling anything. You obviously can’t cook in the apartment; your ‘kitchen’ is in the living room and comprises a dirty microwave with a frayed flex, an A4-sized sink, and absolutely no preparation surfaces.
Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac drank here when they were truly ‘beat’, as did Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison in later years. Classical music plays in the background and there’s also a cafe you can’t afford to patronize, because their coffee is the same price as the Famous Ray’s slice that will keep you alive. There’s an on-street market selling fruit and veg and plenty of little stores selling bargain kettles and toasters, assuming your apartment is devoid of mod cons, which almost all of them are. Prosperity Dumpling has the answer – allowing you to buy individual dumplings for a dollar. It’s not as cheap as Chinatown, but when you’ve had enough MSG and need some protein and carbs to sustain you for another 24 hours, this is the place to come to. The Schwarzman Building has grand, light-filled reading rooms with soaring ceilings painted with Biblical clouds, and wood-lined map, art, print and photograph rooms hung with golden chandeliers. This bookstore – which has a cafe in the midst of it – has floor-to-ceiling books, many of them for just a dollar or two.
Part of the revamped Hudson River Park, the Christopher St Pier has lots of benches and large areas of grass to sit on, as well as stupendous views of the changing light on the Hudson, the Statue of Liberty and New Jersey. If you enjoy our stories, please consider supporting us with a monthly or one-off donation.
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If you, like me, decide that this is a mistake, I hope you will join the protesters and galvanize others.
Could the Main Reading Room collapse during the removal of the stacks (which currently support it)?
Can the library really raise $150 million from the sale of the Mid-Manhattan Library and the Science, Industry, and Business Library; and $150 million from taxes (which the board claims it has secured)?

Preference is given to scholars whose work is based on materials in the NYPL research and special collections, especially when those materials are unique. More than 9,200 people follow The New York History Blog each day via E-mail, RSS, or Twitter or Facebook updates. The lighting’s too bright and the plastic faux-marble tables are usually strewn with used paper plates and napkins, but you can’t afford cool or classy; you only need hot and carb-y. Dylan Thomas wasn’t starving by the time he drank here, but the bender that he went on inside did lead to his death a few days later.
If you’re feeling particularly flush, why not try a steaming bowl of beef noodle soup for $3?
It does a bowl of spicy Italian sausage pasta so big that you’ll be able to take half of it ‘to go’, thus giving you two meals for $13. It also has excellent events at night; everything from music gigs to story-slams – most of them free. There are free music nights on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, the greatest of these being the hot-jazz nights on a Sunday, where the top players from all over the city – and touring out-of-towners – converge to take the audience back to the 20s.
It is one of the jewels of New York, an architectural and institutional masterpiece that has few equals in the city, or world. Fellowships are normally not granted to scholars who live within commuting distance of the library. When it’s not busy, they don’t seem to mind artistic types mooching about getting limitless coffee top-ups either. Hang at the bar and you’ll most likely meet other artists, who will empathize with your poverty. And while I rarely request books from the stacks and could be persuaded that, with good software, only the least consulted books would be moved and retrieving these from the proposed off-site storage in New Jersey could be done efficiently — this project still troubles me. Is the proposed plan to transport requested books between off-site storage in New Jersey and the library viable?

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