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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. You never know what you're gonna see in New York City, the craziest (and yeah, maybe the GREATEST) city in the world! QR-код — это двухмерный штрихкод (бар-код),предоставляющий информацию для быстрого распознавания её камерой на мобильном телефоне.
The first Friday in May has been designated as National No Pants Day according to MSN special news report on May 2. We have all heard our share of, “You are not going to believe what I just did” stories, but this story is one that has been heard around the world, and as a result is celebrated annually in 60 cities across America and 25 countries. Embarrassment quickly set in, and as the story goes, this ‘hapless’ man sat there with a smile on his face resembling that of the Mona Lisa, and made the best of his situation, as he went on with his day enjoying the giggles and grins wherever he went.
The following year, dozens of pals had joined him on his pantless ride on the subway, and every year after, it continued to snowball into the festival of celebrations that it has become today.
Since the two sides could not decide upon which date to stick with, the traditionalists insisted on keeping with the actual date of the original subway adventure of January 10, 1986, and the more liberal group, chose to show their interpretation of the pantless subway ride by continuing the camaraderie, and celebration, on the hopefully warmer first Friday in May. Ann MoriciClinton Township Holidays ExaminerAnn is the mother of 2 beautiful adult children and a grandmother, (Nonna) of four, ages ranging from 11-19 years old.

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The reinactment of this annual event is now staged by Improv Everywhere every January in New York, to commemorate the first time a New York City resident rode the subway pantless. As years went on, dissent began to separate the ‘pantless partiers’ dividing them into two groups. She is the former business owner of her own line of custom aromatherapy and beauty products, and continues to be very involved with everything from aromatherapy and beauty, to holistic health, and juicing.
Loving wife irons her husband’s clothes, husband gets dressed, puts on his coat and leaves for work.
One side wanting to celebrate on the actual date in January, while the other side choosing to ride the subway during a warmer month, opting for the first Friday in May.
It was not until after he boarded the New York City subway that he realized he forgot to put on his pants! A A Nowadays, Americans really dona€™t start growing up until their 30 years of age and with our life expectancies hitting close to 80, that 35-year-old age restriction is simply a joke.

A It should be raised to at least 60.A This year, that would have eliminated a number of hopefuls in the GOP primaries, who really had no business running at the stage in their careers, like Sens.
A As a nation of immigrants, all American citizens should be able to run for president, whether they are born here or not.A First generation immigrants, particularly those who were born in other countries and came to the US as youngsters, should have the same shot at the presidency as their American-born peers.
A A The precedent to change the requirements for the presidency is there: The Constitution was amended after the four terms of Franklin D. A A The failings of recent inexperienced presidents and the results of the 2016 primary season illustrate a need to ensure that only the truly qualified lead our nation.
A He is a former columnist for the Sun-Sentinel and a communications strategist and attorney in Monticello, New York.

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