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Continuing her long-term exploration of the architectural interior as a genre of photographic investigation, artist Wijnanda Deroo has scoured New York's five boroughs documenting the full spectrum of the city's culinary institutions.
The Great Blizzard of 1888 helped demonstrate the benefits of an underground transportation system.
Composing an atlas of the city's restaurants and cafes,A Inside New York Eateries is an important addition to the photographic history of New York. A A Nowadays, Americans really dona€™t start growing up until their 30 years of age and with our life expectancies hitting close to 80, that 35-year-old age restriction is simply a joke.

A It should be raised to at least 60.A This year, that would have eliminated a number of hopefuls in the GOP primaries, who really had no business running at the stage in their careers, like Sens. A As a nation of immigrants, all American citizens should be able to run for president, whether they are born here or not.A First generation immigrants, particularly those who were born in other countries and came to the US as youngsters, should have the same shot at the presidency as their American-born peers. A A The precedent to change the requirements for the presidency is there: The Constitution was amended after the four terms of Franklin D. A A The failings of recent inexperienced presidents and the results of the 2016 primary season illustrate a need to ensure that only the truly qualified lead our nation.

A He is a former columnist for the Sun-Sentinel and a communications strategist and attorney in Monticello, New York.

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