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New York is obviously a very interesting city to photograph, with all the different views, buildings and areas. Crafting the plot about Relocating to a different Place and the way to Get It Done Insightful?
New York, NY a€“ New York, for all the changes that have happened in the last two decades, is still a pretty dangerous place. Such an event happened last Thursday when a man was pushed on the subway tracks in the face of an oncoming train. Normally, even in New York, people try to defend their actions even if they are lying but Menendez didna€™t even come close to trying to lie. If she is determined to be fit to stand trial, Menendez will likely be charged with a hate crime as well as murder which carries with it an additional sentence. Ita€™s not believed that that the two even exchanged words, Menendez just pushed Sen because she wanted to.

The latest entry comes from Serbian artist Jug Cerovic, who first created a revised subway diagram for Paris, his current home. If you’re unconvinced, just take a look at what the master himself has to say about several other designs. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged cartography, Jug Cerovic, Massimo Vignelli, New York City Subway, subway diagrams, Vignelli map. Any city with the number of people in it that New York has is always going to have a certain degree of danger, ita€™s just the way people work.
Far removed from the worst days of the modern era in the 70a€™s and 80a€™s the city has seen a major turnaround in the degree of crime and violence throughout the five boroughs. That push killed the victim, 46-year-old Sunando Sen, and horrified a city often used to horrible events. Alost everyone that has been there will take at least some pictures from the same spots, so what can you do to make it different?

More people means more tension and the greater the chance that someone will do something bad.
Now the person who did the pushing has been caught and, to no onea€™s surprise, it turns out she is a crazy person who also happens to be racist, though mostly shea€™s just crazy. On most Skyscrapers they dont allow Tripods, however I was amazed to see that some were even bothered by small Gorilla pods. I still thing the Empire State has a better view than top of the rock, a fun adventure is to actually find new spots.

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