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As a back up plan, there are always the hop-on, hop-off buses to get you around the Big Apple. We are serious, your life will become a lot easier if you have a map handy and don’t worry: even people living in NYC for a long time, take a look at the subway map from time to time.
Also, when looking at the map you will see that some stops have black dots, some have white dots. Most Common Tourist Mistake: Getting stuck on the express, when he or she needed the local train.

Another important thing you have to figure out is whether you like to go uptown (generally meaning north), or downtown (generally meaning south).
Also, you will notice that most subway stations have either a green globe or a red globe (image to left). Another mistake that newbies to the NYC subway system make is to exit from one station to head cross town to another station. If you are still not sure whether you are getting on the right train or standing on the right side of platform, just ask somebody.

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