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According to a piece by Meredith Hoffman of DNAinfo, the G train’s unreliable service and limited route is negatively impacting Brooklynites’ dating lives. The piece quotes a number of Brooklynites who have ended relationships due to the G train commute, or have even sworn off G Train dating altogether.
Add to this a bit of a sketchy aesthetic, and the G train hardly puts riders in the mood for consensual lovin’. An MTA spokesperson allegedly declined to comment, presumably because the MTA has better things to do than speculate wildly on their riders’ dating lives. If you were doubting that the testimonies of a couple of random Brooklynites points to a larger dating trend, then doubt no more: there are even viral videos (2,466 views!) to support the cause.
For now, Brooklynites, if you’re looking for your Sliding Doors romance, stick to the L train. Break Spark - Spaces in between the live rails can produce break sparks on the current collectors which can be seen as lightning flashes and which can also be heard.
Free movement on the station - you can get off the train at any station and move around.
Realistic lighting on the trains - Pixel lighting allows a correct display of the amount of light - the effect will amaze you when driving at night or through a tunnel! The simulator uses real-time lighting in the tunnel systems by using the numerous lights available.
Various Shader models mean you can see details as small as the gravel in 3D and a Specular Map shows the realistic shining effect of the gravel. You can walk around the stations and passenger cars and your driving style will affect the wear and tear on your train.
This beautiful brightly colored poster shows the BMT Broadway (N, Q, & R trains) line of the New York City subway with the geographic route of each train but removed from the total system. Placed at the bottom of each poster is a short description and history of the line along with statistics.

The subway NYC tracker application shows when your train will arrive and you can avoid the waiting time.
Report this video as inappropriatePlease select the category that most closely reflects your concern about this download, so that we can review it and determine if it violates our Community Guidelines or isn't appropriate for all viewers. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. The MTA has agreed to undertake a complete review of the G train, one of the citya€™s most maligned routes. Riders in north Brooklyn have long complained that the G train is all too frequently overcrowded, delayed and rerouted. The analysis a€” similar to those conducted for the F line in 2009 and the L in 2011, both at Squadrona€™s urging a€” is expected to be completed by June 2013, Prendergast said. The previous reviews led to added service, newer trains and the skipping of specific stops to avoid bunching. The chief complaint about the G a€” the only line to bypass Manhattan a€” entails train size. Local pols and public transportation advocates also want the MTA to improve the G train public address systems and expedite the placement of countdown clocks. Apres Goings, un peintre hyperrealiste qui joue sur les reflets des vitrines et la lumiere… incroyable !!! Il est le principal representant de l’Hyperrealisme aux cotes de Chuck Close, Ralph Goings, Malcolm Morley et Audrey Flack. Richard Estes se distingue par l’aspect virtuose de ses compositions, jouant sur les reflets de toutes sortes et la geometrie de l’espace (vues de vitrines, de cabines telephoniques…).
Specifically, a YouTube video Called “The Brooklyn Date,” created by Tyler Fischer, depicts a couple’s magical date reaching a bitter end when the woman asks the man back to her G train apartment. Hopefully the MTA will make good on their vague chatter about fixing G service and, subsequently, enhance  romantic prospects for vast un-dateable swaths of the borough’s population.

Now you can drive the subway line running from New York beneath the Hudson river to Newark. Custom physics let you feel the movement inside the 3D cab and the lighting effects and high fidelity sounds add to the realism.
Other features include animated passengers, custom announcements and working display monitors at stations. This map shows the actual route of the subway, however, it places it in a vacuum for a minimalist effect. The train, the only line that bypasses Manhattan in connecting Brooklyn and Queens, is said to be crowded, delayed and altogether unreliable more often than not. G trains typically have four cars, while most other lines count trains with eight to 10 cars. The Riders Alliance member is one of the many north Brooklyn residents advocating for improved service. Now, the MTA says it will perform a full-scale analysis, the first step to possible improvements. The widgets makes you feel more in control of your journey as just a glance on your phone's home screen tells you all you need to know. It rarely gets to mingle with other trains, save for a few illicit southern rendezvous with the F train.

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