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New York Police Department officers from a Transit Operational Response Canine Heavy Weapons team with a dog patrol in the Times Square subway station in New York on Sept.
In a meeting with journalists at the United Nations, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he had just learned of the plot by foreign fighters of the Islamic State group in Iraq to attack subway systems in the U.S.
National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said officials in Washington had not confirmed the plot described by the Iraqi prime minister and were looking into the report. Here, we dug up a collection of photos from the Library of Congress and the Detroit Publishing Company that shows the construction and early years of the New York subway system. Concrete stairway under construction, 23rd Street subway station, New York, between 1900 and 1906. Underside of tracks showing columns, concrete-encased I-beams, and ramps near storage room, looking southwest. Underside of Track D along Stillwell Avenue showing steel I-beams, lateral supports, and columns. Original ticket booth and concession booths along east wall inside station, looking southeast. 96th Street station, Uptown control area, Interborough Rapid Transit Subway (Original Line), New York, New York County, NY. City Hall station control room, Interborough Rapid Transit Subway (Original Line), New York, New York County, NY. Mott Avenue Station, Interborough Rapid Transit Subway (Original Line), New York, New York County, NY. The Darkroom offers Facebook and WordPress commenting in the hopes of fostering constructive conversation among our users. ABOUT THE DARKROOMThe Darkroom, the photography and video blog of The Baltimore Sun, shines a light on visually captivating stories of our past and present.
This incredible accident happened 89 years ago, Monday, June 25, 1923  as two cars of the BMT derailed and plunged 35 feet into the street at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues in Brooklyn.
Surveying the carnage it is amazing that only 8 were killed and 70 injured in this train accident. When the first train car went over the guardrail and landed on its side, it was more of a bump than a hard crash. An investigation over the next week showed the cause of the accident to be a combination of many factors. This accident brought back bad memories to New Yorker’s of the terrible Malbone Street Wreck which had occurred less than five years previously on November 1, 1918. This was an interesting article in that I had no idea of the number of factors that contributed to this el derailment. New York is consistently touted as a cold, aggressive, and hectic city with no personal connections possible. I arrived in New York almost 4 years ago and immediately found these preconceptions to be mostly untrue, with an exception of the hyper-efficiency. This subterranean method of transportation probably forces the most intimacy with total strangers of any in modern society. This collection of images did not begin as a “project” but quickly became a creative release for me.
Finding the subjects usually involves a combination of luck and being tuned in to something that most people ignore. Every once in awhile I walk past a couple who is oblivious to all but one another and I work to subtly try and find a good angle for an image. I have honed my hip shooting skills by doing this project for over a year now but I often find the live-view capabilities of the newer cameras to be useful in a project like this.

To most people, an image is captured only when the camera is raised to the eye – a fact I take full advantage of as often as I can. We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data. Please do not allow yourself to believe that a City with the competitive spirit of NYC cannot do very much harm to very many people.The cultural considerations are many and varied, and in all too many situations lead to a contaminated envionment.
Mumbai or Bombay is just like NYC, No city can survive if it its residents or emotion less.
Every one warns others not to come to these cities, and never wants to leave these cities, I guess big cities have been defamed by people about being ruthless and emotionless but reality is different.
Having spent 5 years in Mumbai, I am looking forward to spent some part of life in NYC, want to enjoy the place every other person warns me of.
Lucas Jackson is currently a Senior Photographer with Reuters and is based in New York City. Stillwell Avenue Station, Intersection of Stillwell & Surf Avenues, Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. It showcases the exciting work of our staff, offers tips in the craft, and highlights the emerging community of independent media makers. Parcells survived and told investigators he was coasting, going only 12 mph as he was only 150 feet east of the Fifth Avenue station and preparing to come to a stop. But a few seconds later as dust and smoke were rising from the train and screams for help were heard from the first car, the second car, which was hanging over the guardrail dropped with a sickening crash headfirst onto the pavement and telescoped into the first car. And you are right to say that to date there has not been an el derailment of the magnitude described in the 1923 incident in Brooklyn, at least with respect to the New York Transit system. MTA Metro-North in Connecticut, MTA Broadway #1 line and outside of Paris — all relatively recent. A populace of hyper-efficient and emotionally starved citizens, or at least that’s what I had heard before I moved here. The city forces you to interact, albeit most often very briefly, with thousands of fellow New Yorkers on a daily basis – on the trains, sidewalks, buses, and bike paths that keep the city humming with activity year-round. It has become something to do as I wait for the train home from work (I almost never shoot on the train going to work for some reason). I am one of those people who usually walks the length of the track to stand at the spot where the train will let me out right at my exit staircase. It’s good not only because it allows me to compose a photograph but also to fire the shutter with less noise.
When people are aware of a camera, they often lose the honesty in their body language or expression. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links. It becomes more important in busy cities like NY or Mumbai to have emotional support, someone to love or some to talk to.
Domestic assignments have included seven Academy Award ceremonies, the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and the damage caused by tornadoes in Moore, OK. That four-track line ran under Park Avenue South to Grand Central, across 42nd Street to Times Square, and up Broadway to 145th Street.
The Stillwell Avenue Station was built as part of a massive expansion and unification of New York City’s subway system known as the Dual System of Rapid Transit, which was one of the largest civil works projects ever undertaken and created the largest subway system in the world. The station was built by the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company, at that time the world’s largest and most complete city transportation system, and united four major transit lines, stimulating massive residential and commercial development of the area.
All the people were in a mass there, struggling and screaming, with blood running over them.

I have used public transportation ever since arriving in New York to work as a staff photographer for Reuters.
Hundreds of commuters per subway car struggle not to notice each other and keep their ‘game face’ of indifference and impatience on. In the beginning it was a chance for me simply to photograph without the limitations or barriers that I constantly deal with while working. The stark contrast between indifferent commuters and an engrossed couple often makes an interesting frame.
The 5DMKII is amazing at being virtually silent while allowing me to focus the lens – all without raising the camera to my eye. The project is not meant to be anything other than a collection of moments that force the viewer to take a closer look at something that is often ignored. Else life becomes hell in hectic schedule of these cities, Mumbai is just like NYC in every respect only differences that Mumbai Suburban Trains or madly crowded. International assignments have included covering Icelandic volcanoes and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The initial construction took place between 1916 and 1919 with subsqeuent work taking place in 1925. But there was nothing to be done as he felt the train grind to the right and begin to leave the tracks and fall over the trestle. It was later determined that the second car was the one that had actually derailed and pushed the first car off of the elevated tracks.
Spikes were not in contact with the road bed, bolts were loose and the rails spread apart too far in some sections. It is in this most public of settings that I notice some people feeling no shame or embarrassment in kissing, snuggling, holding hands, fighting, or hugging in full view of dozens of strangers. Sometimes it is as simple as pointing my camera and snapping a couple of frames while they are too engrossed in each other to notice.
The kisses, the fights, the snuggling – all of it will likely be forgotten almost as soon as it happens. He has won awards from Best of Photojournalism, Pictures of the Year International, Prix de la Photographie, and China International Press Photography. A number of the derailments involved trains actually falling from the el tracks with subsequent fatalities, not to mention injuries. This unabashed intimacy with a loved one within the public setting of a subway car seemed crazy.
Lucas is from Quemado, NM and graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. I fully credit this project with pulling me out of a creative funk and allowing me to photograph as I wish I could everywhere.
However, these images prove that even in the hustle and bustle of New York, there is time to love. One woman I took out through a window died a few minutes after I carried her into the post office. It was a miracle that the last two cars of that six-car train didn’t end up in the street for as far as they tilted through that curve.

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