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The L train, as heavily trafficked as it is, has needed to undergo extensive work to maintain well-worn tracks, requiring five weekends of no trains in Manhattan and into Brooklyn through May 18 and overnight on weekdays through May 22.
Additionally, Hyperloop One announced that the company is participating in privately funded feasibility studies to examine the economic and social benefits of Hyperloop routes in Finland and Sweden. Customers can choose to receive notifications for individual lines or all rail lines, with information on when elevators are taken out of service for maintenance or repair and when they resume operation.

The $233.1 million construction project is estimated to create more than 300 jobs through 2019.
The line, credited by local officials with spurring billions of dollars in investment as it was being planned and constructed, is expected to serve tens of thousands of residents as well as visitors to the growing Midwestern city. The $10 million grant will fund approximately 11 miles of new rail track along the state-owned line and three passenger platforms in Middlebury, Vergennes and Burlington.

Before that, L service had been disrupted when the MTA put in a new signal system to run more trains.

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