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SoHo maps are the best way to see exactly where you're heading in this small community within the big city. Over many decades, the area that is now SoHo New York has gone through many changes to become what it is today. Taxis: Just like anywhere in New York City, taxis in and around SoHo are a very popular way to get around, although they will cost you. By Foot: Especially during the mild weathered months, taking a stroll through SoHo is arguably the best way to see the area. One of the reasons many NYC tourists choose to stay in SoHo is because the SoHo hotels are some of the most hip and contemporary areas to stay in Manhattan.
The GEM Hotel SoHo: This SoHo hotel on East Houston Street is great for leisurely guests seeking exciting NYC nightlife, shopping and restaurants.
Trump SoHo New York: Luxurious guests seeking a 5 star NYC hotel will enjoy their stay at the breath-taking Trump SoHo, located along Spring Street.
Holiday Inn SoHo: Guests seeking comfort at an affordable price, while still getting a unique New York City experience will enjoy the Holiday Inn SoHo on Lafayette Street. SoHo is one of the most star-studded areas of Manhattan, with many films and television shows being filmed here year-round. The tube that carries the R train from Brooklyn to Manhattan was badly during the storm and is in the midst of a 14-month closure for repairs. No word yet on how much in lost revenue this could cost the MTA -- nor how major transfer points (Atlantic Avenue-Barclays, for example) will be handled. We present some of his comments to you, as recorded during a talk Vignelli gave earlier this year at the New York City Transit Museum.
When the NY MTA hired Vignelli to develop a new plan for subterranean navigation, he was tasked with streamlining the wayfinding process for riders and bringing New York into the future.
Train routes were straightened into neat angles to make a tidy diagram out of the actual snarl of criss-crossing tunnels.

However beautiful, it is geographically abstract, bearing only inadvertent resemblance to the actual street grid above. For example, the Vignelli map portrays the 50th St stop on the Seventh Ave line, now the 1 train, to be west of the 50th St stop on the Eighth Avenue line, now part of the C and E, confusing New Yorkers with hardened mental pictures of the city in their mind and sending tourists wandering westward into Hells Kitchen hunting for non-existent subway stops. Just seven years after it was released, the MTA replaced Vignelli's “diagram,” as he calls it (because maps only represent geography) with a more traditional map. SoHo New York has become one of the most trendy neighborhoods in NYC, as a hub for creativity, shopping, art galleries, filming spots and avaunt gard hotels. Currently known for world-class galleries, outstanding real estate, top-notch shopping and an array of eateries, this community's land was first discovered in the 1600s.
We recommend taking a cab if the weather is nasty, otherwise take a walk through town to avoid cab fares.
Walk through the streets to discover welcoming cafes, restaurants, art galleries and shops. Visitors staying in SoHo hotels are able to experience life in the heart of New York City unlike any other area. Within walking distance from the SoHo Chinatown area, The GEM Hotel gives guests the chance to truly experience the neighborhood. Offering extraordinary comfort in deluxe rooms and superior suites, guests will feel lavish while enjoying top-notch amenities such as a sauna, spa, outdoor pool, limo service and more, all in the center of SoHo NYC.
Located steps away from Little Italy New York, guests of this SoHo hotel can dive into the culture and food this NYC attraction has to offer, all on a budget.
Due to its unique landscape with cobblestone sidewalks, boutique store fronts and exciting nightlife, it's the perfect backdrop for many productions.
Designer Massimo Vignelli's clean modern lines and bold colors changed the branding of the subway in 1972 and elevated the map to the level of modern art. With the help of a new design team, he created “The Weekender,” a digital interactive subway map directly inspired by the 1972 hand-drawn diagram. The name SoHo stands for South of Houston and this nickname is the first of all NYC neighborhood names to be an acronym.

At this time Indian tribes lived on the grass meadows.By the 1800s, following the Civil War, life had changed drastically in the area.
Some of the most notable movies filmed in SoHo NYC are Hitch, Spiderman, Little Nicky, After Hours, Raising Helen, Men in Black and Ghost.
The area that SoHo encompasses starts just south of Houston Street and is everything north of Canal Street, between Broadway and Crosby.
Not only have some of the biggest stars in Hollywood worked on sets throughout SoHo, but some movie and music stars even call SoHo home, including John Mayer, the late Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. His map lasted just seven years before confused passengers convinced the MTA to replace it. Textiles became a top outlet for trade and wholesale, drawing in many businesses that would arise in the coming years. Be sure to keep your eye out for famous folks throughout SoHo during your New York City vacation and you may just get to play paparazzi!
Vignelli still staunchly defends his design, and in doing so, has offered some choice observations about other versions. Throughout the 19th Century, SoHo neighborhood started to fill with families, poets, cultural eateries and music halls.Throughout the 1960s, SoHo really began coming into its own, with emerging artists such as Meredith Monk, Frank Stella, Phillip Glass and many more. Creative and artistic industries began to flourish in this small community, helping to mold it into the beloved artsy area of NYC locals and tourists adore.

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