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What's even better, for those who fancy saving a cool 30 per cent on their rent, it's served by its very own 24-hour metro: the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) subway system, which links Manhattan with the suburbs just across the river.
The 13-station PATH network first opened in 1908, just four years after the first subway line in New York proper. There are no free transfers between the two networks; but both are compatible with the Metro Card ticketing system.
And yet, the city's standard subway map does its best to play down the existence of New York's second rapid transit network, showing it in the same thin blue line it uses for infrequent heavy rail services. And so, he's launched a campaign to get the MTA to start including the PATH on its subway map. By making the map himself, Mader told us, he hoped to demonstrate to the MTA quite how easy it would be to actually, well, make this map.
Resurrecting this combined effort could be an easy win for the city authorities, Mader argues, expanding the functional area of the city for many residents at almost no cost. Mader's campaign has attracted support from the mayors of Hoboken and Jersey City (well they would, wouldn’t they). But there is one decisionthat needs to be made quickly, and it will immediately signal the type of Mayor that Sadiq Khan intends to be: the Garden Bridge. There followed some savage criticism by the Evening Standard that portrayed Sadiq Khan as a sour puss killjoy who hates flowers.He promptly went into a huddle with Transport for London and The Garden Bridge Trust and emergedas the project’s apologist-in-chief.
The face-saving device that allowed this dramatic u-turn was a new financing deal through which part of the TfL grant would be converted into a soft loan.
When you refer to all of the money having been spent, you mean just that part of the funding over which the Mayor’s Office has direct control – namely, the grant from TFL. Some ?10m of that really has been spent – on design, engineering, planning, and professional fees, as well as a comically biased poll to fool the public and a costly VR gimmick to fool Nick Clegg. It’s like taking a loan from one branch of Barclays that is insured by the Barclays branch across the street. Your predecessor loved to crow about the fact that “the public funding element of the project is being used to secure considerable private sector investment”.The only thing that mattered to Johnson was that every pound of public funding was matched by two pounds of private investment.
First, much of the private funding comes from Trusts and Foundations that exist only to fund good causes.
Put simply, the Bridge is tying upsome ?60m that has not “already been spent” and that could be released to fund other, better projects. It begs the question that Johnson never cared to ask: where is the rest of the money going to come from? Most councils would not approve this kind of guarantee without poring over the business plan and having it independently challenged.To endorse the Garden Bridge guarantee without similar scrutiny is irresponsible beyond measure. We are careering towards the start of construction, and the Trust still has a ?30m gap to close.
And this is just the gap that the Trust itself has acknowledged: it may actually be larger than that. So what happens if the Trust fails to close the gap?According to the funding agreement with TfL, payments are subject to the Trust’s demonstration that it has secured “or is able to secure” the necessary funding. In light of the Greater London Assembly’s damning critique of TfL’s procedural failures in procurement, can it really be trusted to provide robust oversight of the project’s funding and finance? There is at least ?30m more at stake and TfL is, by now, more politically than financially invested in the project. A large proportion of the private investment is still unaccounted for.Try as you like, it is impossible to fully reconcile the list of donors on the website with the funding breakdown provided by the Trust.
There are any number of legitimate reasons – fiscal, personal or spiritual – why some givers would want to remain anonymous.
Mr Mayor, you should be deeply concerned that your predecessor worked so hard to shield this project from the prying eyes of Freedom of Information laws. I’m sure that nothing anything like so sinister happening here – but for the avoidance of doubt, it’s in TfL’s interest to prove it.
Yesterday, it was announced in The Observer that you’ve already initiated a review of the project “looking in more detail at some of the issues raised about the procurement”. This whole project is a hospital pass that went from Joanna Lumley to Thomas Heatherwick to Boris Johnson. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!

Im a massage therapist, recently had my license activated in NJ, and Im interested in a city thats relatively close to NYC and is affordable. I dont know if theres any working massage therapists on the forum but if there are any could you let me know how well your doing working in NJ. Jersey City & Newark aren't dirty by any stanch , thats typical New Yorker trash talking info you got. The PATH train connects Newark , Harrison , 3 Sections of Jersey City and Hoboken with Midtown and Lower Manhattan.
I'd like to get as close to the city as possible but Im not going to turn down an affordable apartment or good area if Its going to take me 30- 45 minutes to get into the city. A recent visit to the Journal Square neighborhood and West Side Avenue revealed a lot of litter defiling those areas.
Just yesterday, as I drove through the East Ward of Newark, my main thoughts were that Cory Booker needs to focus more on quality of life issues--such as the cleanliness of the streets--and less on building his own personal image in order to advance his next career move. Yesterday, I observed that the streets in the vicinity of Rome Street, Wilson Avenue, and environs were incredibly laden with trash and litter. Chelsea, der Meatpacking District, die High Line, der Chelsea Market, der Gallery District, Greenwich Village, Washington Square, Soho, East Village, Nolita, Little Italy, Chinatown, Civic Center, Tribeca, der Financial District, das Woolworth Building, die St. Columbus Circle, das Lincoln Center, das Metropolitan Opera House, das Dakota Building, Central Park, Strawberry Fields, das American Museum of Natural History (Naturkundemuseum), die Cathedral of St.
Fahrt mit der Fahre nach Liberty Island und Ellis Island und Besuch des Ellis Island Immigration Museums. Der Geburtsort von Frank Sinatra, das Rathaus, Verfilmungsorte des Films "Die Faust im Nacken" (Elia Kazan, 1954), der Elysian Park (erstes Baseballspiel), das Stevens Institute of Technology, das Lackawanna Railroad Terminal, das Stephen Collins Foster Haus, das Haus der "Hexe von Wall Street", die Maxwell House Coffee Fabrik, die Church of Saints Peter and Paul.
West Point, die Rockefeller Estate, die Union Church of Pocantico Hills, Philipsburg Manor, Sunnyside, Lindhurst, die Vanderbilt Estate, die Franklin Delano Roosevelt Estate, das Storm King Art Center, das DIA Beacon Museum, usw. Astor Place, also called Astor Place – Cooper Union on signs, is a local station on the IRT Lexington Avenue Line of the New York City Subway. It's possible to be less than a mile away from Downtown Manhattan, and yet not be in New York City at all. The system means that stretches of New Jersey suburbia are more convenient for the heart of Manhattan than anywhere you’ll find in Brooklyn.
The PATH is as much a part of New York’s transport system as the DLR in London, or the S-Bahn in Berlin. What's even weirder is that it's entirely silent on the existence of the state of New Jersey.
There's no rational reason for it from the perspective of the consumer, argues writer and digital media expert Stewart Mader. Those who'd have to make the final decision, though, are the authorities at the MTA itself. Housing, transport and the environment are surely at the top of the agenda – all intractable problems that won’t be solved overnight. It allowed Khan to duck every subsequent question with the phrase: “the money has all been spent”. Admittedly, that sounds like something that Barclays might do, but I’d like the mayor of London to be a little smarter than that. The Garden Bridge is not so much levering new private investment as it is cannibalising funds that would have been spent anyway. That isn’t “new” money: without The Garden Bridge, the ?20m pledge from The Monument Trust and the ?2m grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation would be available to other charities. In order to secure a deal with the planning authority and the landowner in Lambeth, the Trust gave away most of the income from the South Bank landing. In the context of The Garden Bridge – with its exorbitant ?175m budget – that may seem trivial.
In the event that a shortfall remains, this puts the decision to start at TfL’s discretion. That is more money that hasn’t “already been spent” – but it’s a burden that looks increasingly likely to fall on the public sector. This is an organisation that is spending ?60m of taxpayers’ money and is ultimately underwritten by the public sector. When projects are known to be the personal favourites of particular politicians, they can become fertile ground for “tactical” giving.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist by nature, but I’d be a little bit fidgety about “anonymous” donors to The Garden Bridge. It’s a good start, but you will hopefully look beyond the narrow procedural issue of a faulty procurement process.  That the procurement process was so badly handled is but the symptom of a much more malignant disease that has infected every aspect of this project, including its funding and finance.
If we can't support the site on advertising revenue, we'll have to introduce a pay wall - which, let's be honest, would suck.
The good news is that, if you contribute now, you can support CityMetric's quality, independent journalism another way - and this message will disappear for the next 30 days. I have a friend who lives in Manhattan and is willing to let me stay with them until Im situated in New Jersey. Based off what I've read so far it seems the median price for any small apartment is around $1000. I want to live in a relatively safe area which means I dont like walking down the street at night worrying about if someones going to jump me.
Patrick's Cathedral, das Rockefeller Center, Times Square, die New York Public Library, die Vereinten Nationen, das Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, Macy's, Madison Square Garden, das Empire State Building, Little Korea, der Fashion District, Madison Square Park, das Flatiron Building, Union Square. John the Divine, die Columbia University, das Grab von General Grant, das City College, die Convent Avenue, Sugar Hill, die Sylvan Terrace, die Morris Jumel Mansion, der Martin Luther King Boulevard, das Apollo Theater, das Hotel Teresa, die Lenox Avenue, der Mount Morris Historic District, el Barrio, das Museum Mile, das Guggenheim Museum, das Metropolitan Museum of Art, die Frick Collection, die Madison Avenue.
Open Tennis Center, das Queens Museum, Flushing, das Louis Armstrong Haus, Corona, Forest Hills, das American Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, das Isamu Noguchi Museum, Long Island City, Queens Courthouse, P.S. Paul's Chapel, die Federal Reserve Bank, Zucotti Park, Wall Street, das New York Stock Exchange (die Borse), das Federal Hall, die Trinity Church, Bowling Green, das Old U.S. The original plans for the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad (now PATH) included a spur along Ninth Street to this station. Across the River Hudson, just moments from the financial district, you’ll find the independent city of Hoboken, New Jersey. It's merely that, due to an accident of history, they've ended up run by different organisations. Glencore might struggle to shift 240 metric tonnes of cupranickel, but it stands to reason that Citi would have likely found some other cause to support with its ?3m. That is some valuable real estate, but the rent will be split between Coin Street Community Builders and Lambeth Council. If this is the Trust’s main source of income, then it would need to bepriced higher than one day’s exclusive use of a Formula One track. That is a lot of future bail-out money that has not “already been spent” and can still be saved. Caroline Pigeon AM wrote to the Trust asking for a detailed breakdown of donors andwas fobbed off by a letter saying, “a list of contributors who are content that their commitment be publicly acknowledged is publicly available on our website”. Will you simply pass it off as “Johnson’s folly, not my fault”; or will you get stuck into the gory details? Ive heard Hoboken is nice but pricey, Jersey City is pretty dirty from what I understand and Newark is a NO GO! Depending where you are in JCH you have the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail which connects to the PATH in Hoboken or Pavonia-Newport, same as with Bayonne (it'll be more accessible regardless of location there).
I dont like pulling into gas stations and seeing half a dozen bums standing around trying to clean your car windows for spare change.
Most of the sponsorship inventory has been capitalised to pay for the build, andthere can’t be much of it left to pay for operations. I dont enjoy random encounters with drug fiends or scuffles with street thugs looking to jack my bike. The Trust insists that it has no intention to ticket or charge and it is limited to 12 closures per annum for private hire. Other close enough options that offer a relatively quick commute into the city, rent in that range and all nice towns with enough to do in them: Rutherford, East Rutherford, Ridgefield Park, Bogota, Teaneck, parts of Hackensack.
This is the type of stuff I've dealt with living in the city Im currently residing in and I know to some degree it may not be completely un-avoidable but I would like to be able to walk outside at night knowing its relatively safe.

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