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New York Daily News New York City's subway crime through the decades New York City's subway crime through the decades While New Yorkers complain about the public transit system today, just decades ago New York City's subway was a very dangerous place to be.
Forty years ago author Norman Mailer published an essay in which he declared the graffiti of the New York subway to be "The Great Art of the 70s".
There was another threat to their lives that they diced with every night.The mantra was "stay away from the third rail" says Cornell Perry, a graffiti writer better known as Jester1. Mayor Beame was turfed out of office in the wake of the debacle and was replaced by Ed Koch, who came in on a law and order ticket.
Nowadays painted graffiti is largely gone from the New York subway trains themselves and is seen instead on the walls and tunnels of the city.It has been replaced by scratchiti - tags which are etched on to carriage windows using keys, knives, emery boards or chunks of lava.
A suspicious item destroyed at Old Trafford on Sunday was a training device accidentally left behind by a private company. New York Daily News New York City Subway System: A look back at its beginnings New York City Subway Construction New York Citya€™s subway system, the heart and pulse of the Big Apple, opened on Oct. Within two months of writing that he made headlines for murdering two people in a drug deal gone bad.

Pain and humiliation were the implacable dues and not all graffiti artists showed equal grace under such pressure. Koch was determined to clean up the city and set about targeting graffiti."I remember in 1982 he brought everyone out to a train yard and there was a single train painted white," says former New York Daily News reporter Salvatore Arena recalls.
Unlike the vivid images of 40 years ago, these ghostly patterns are somehow easy to ignore. In honor of the metros 110th anniversary, check out these striking Daily News photos of its construction.
I don't know what happened, but overnight in the early 70s it was from no graffiti to all graffiti," says another former artist, Flint Gennari.Eric Felisbret, author and former graffiti artist, says graffiti culture was in a way a product of the civil rights movement. I was only a child at the time but I remember the whole atmosphere - trains were covered in graffiti and stations were dark and it didn't feel safe to be underground," he says.The mood changed.
It's now socially accepted in places where 20, 30 years ago that would have been impossible. Of course it didn't."That same year Bob Kiley, a former CIA agent, became chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), who in 1983 hired David Gunn, as President of the NYC Transit Authority.

It's now showcased in certain museums - and let's say in another 30 years from now it may be hanging in the White House," says Nicer.
W 1932 roku powstala pierwsza linia budowana przez miasto, a tym samym powstala jeszcze jedna firma zajmujaca sie metrem w Nowym Jorku: Independent Subway System (IND).
W 1953 roku powstal The New York City Transit Authority, który przejal wladze nad cala komunikacja w miescie w tym nad metrem.
Metro nowojorskie jest jedna z trzech sieci metra na swiecie pracujacych 24 godziny na dobe.

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