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But Morgan acknowledged she'd moved from Williamsburg to Manhattan because she and her husband didn't want to rely on the L train any more. Joe Sirefman, 81, was about to catch an uptown 1 train in the West Village an a bright fall afternoon.
The MTA used to schedule its weekend and overnight trains to run often enough for every rider to have a seat. Still, there are bright spots.  A 1 train rider named Carol said things aren't as bad as before. Below you will find some information about the MTA Subway, how to get a metrocard, buses, & taxis. Some trains are local trains which stop at every station along the route, others are express trains that only stop at the most popular destinations.  Check to make sure that the train your on stops at the place you want to go!
There are weekend service changes ALL THE TIME.  Since you will be here on the weekend, check the MTA website for any delays so that you aren’t late and frustrated later.

Getting up and down town is easier than getting across town.  Sometimes the cross town buses can be faster, particularly up past 60th st.
Once went into the old subway beneath the Central Parkway in Cincinnati, 50 years ago;lots of cold war supplies as i recall.
The closed off platform at Aldwych station is now used as the shooting range for King’s College Rifle Shooting club! That's the kind of major breakdown that tends to make riders wonder, could the subway be sliding backward toward the dark days of the 1970's? Standing on a platform at Union Square Station, she talked about how she'd seen the subway improve after a stretch of very lean years. Recent NY MTA data show a 20 percent increase in trains arriving more than five minutes late at the end of their runs.
He said the NY MTA's average of less than two derailments per year over the last five years is not bad.

But with cutbacks, one in five riders is now expected to stand.  Factor in delays and cars can get crowded. Ridership is up since last year, when the MTA cut costs by eliminating and combining lines, and putting many trains on less frequent schedules. The increased crowding reminds him of what it was like to squeeze into a packed 6 train as a kid.
And that was before a major investment in repairs and construction rescued it from the brink.

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