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For getting around within the city, the New York City Subway system is an excellent option, with an extensive route map and very reasonable prices to use this form of transport. This subway system is one of the oldest and most widespread public transport facilities in the world with over 450 stations and round-the-clock service throughout the year.
These days the easiest way to travel for buying tickets and save money is to purchase a MetroCard (with daily and monthly passes available). En el Midtown y Theater Districts se encuentran las relucientes tiendas de la Quinta Avenida, museos y famosos rascacielos, como el Chrysler Building.
Staten Island tiene un relieve accidentado con numerosas colinas y es la comuna menos poblada.

La ciudad podría verse amenazada debido al incremento del nivel del mar si el actual proceso de calentamiento global continua.
Those are your ingredients for building one of the neatest, simplest websites we've come across in a long time.
Traveling by subway you can pretty much get to all main areas in the city including to location such as Penn Station and Time Square (the busiest station with its 42nd Street access). Conductor, as its maker Alexander Chen dubs it, is a visualization built on New York's publicly available subway schedule API.
It shows the progress of the Big Apple's underground carriers throughout the day and garnishes the experience with a delightful musical trick every time two lines cross.

You can see it on video after the break or just hit the source link and experience it for yourself.

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