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A year after being trapped on an A train for over eight hours in a blizzard, a group of passengers is suing the New York MTA. Twenty-two stranded straphangers are named as plaintiffs in the suit, which was to be filed on Tuesday in Queens County Supreme Court. Earlier this month, Thomas Prendergast, the president of New York City Transit, discussed the agency's preparations for the upcoming winter at a New York City Council hearing.

But attorney Ayman Aboushi, whose firm has taken on the case pro bono, said that falls short of what needs to happen.
In August, the MTA took the unprecedented step of shutting down the city's transit system in preparation for Tropical Storm Irene.
Although brawls are known to erupt on the train and amenities such as air conditioning and regular schedule are unreliable, the city's subway system is regarded to be the best in the world.

Looking back at what the subway was like back in 1973, we can surely appreciate the condition of the current trains and stations.

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