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Em O Sequestro do Metro (The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3), Denzel Washington estrela como Walter Garber, um controlador de trafego do metro da cidade de Nova York, que tem seu dia transformado em caos por um crime audacioso: o sequestro de um dos carros do metro.
O primeiro filme foi feito como um brilhante-thriller que o cineasta Quentin Tarantino, foi reconhecido como inspirador perfeito para o seu tempo, embora naturalmente sentindo mais do que um pouco ultrapassado agora.
O Funcionario antigo do trafego de metro, Walter Garber (Denzel Washington) assume a chamada de Ryder e e forcado a agir como uma ligacao entre os sequestradores e policiais de Nova York, mas como o enredo se desdobra utiliza os seus conhecimentos sobre o metro para tentar complicar os criminosos. O filme e tao profissionalmente bem feito, que voce raramente tera o luxo de ter seus olhos fora da tela. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Emergency crews work to remove injured passengers from crumbled subway cars on the Williamsburg Bridge. A runaway subway train plowed past a red signal, through an emergency braking system and then crashed into a stopped train on the Williamsburg Bridge yesterday, triggering terror and daring rescues high above the East River. The motorman on the Manhattan-bound J train was killed instantly his cab transformed into a mangled metal tomb when it slammed into the rear of a parked Manhattan-bound M train.
The inaccessible locale on tracks 15 feet above the bridge's main roadway and tight spaces turned the rescue into a three-hour nightmare. Investigators believe the accident unfolded when the J train rumbled past a 77-year-old red stop signal at about 20 mph and seven seconds later rammed the back of a Manhattan-bound M train that was stopped 200 feet ahead, Edward Plasberg, executive director of the state Public Transportation Safety Board, said last night. The probers could not immediately explain why motorman Layton Gibson, 47, who was nearing the end of his overnight shift, did not see the parked train in front of him as he traveled up the bridge on straight track in clear weather. Drug and alcohol tests on Gibson's blood were negative, said a Transit Authority official who asked not to be identified. Still, the crash might have been averted had an automatic fail-safe emergency brake system activated.

Plasberg said the motorman had virtually no time to manually apply the emergency brake from the operator cab. The federal National Transportation Safety Board took over the investigation and said it was particularly troubled because the accident was the system's second rear-end collision in four months.
The bridge, which opened in 1903 and carries tens of thousands of motorists and subway straphangers each day, was shut down by the mishap. Gibson's tiny cab crumpled around him as his 320-ton, eight-car J train plowed into the M train.
Cops, firefighters and emergency medical technicians streamed to the bridge, closing its six lanes to vehicular traffic as they launched triage operations on the trackbed and on the vehicular roadway below. They threw up five ladders to the trackbed and gingerly lowered the injured most with back, neck and leg injuries one at a time on bright orange stretcher buckets or aluminum mesh baskets. But the cramped conditions, the narrow roadway and the jumble of rescue vehicles delayed the evacuation and caused EMS crews and firefighters to erupt into sporadic shouting matches. Unlike the systems in cities like Washington and Atlanta, which are operated by computers and have pre-set speeds that cannot be exceeded, New York's subway relies on human operators.
Although brawls are known to erupt on the train and amenities such as air conditioning and regular schedule are unreliable, the city's subway system is regarded to be the best in the world.
Looking back at what the subway was like back in 1973, we can surely appreciate the condition of the current trains and stations. John Travolta estrela como Ryder, a mente criminosa, que como lider de uma gangue de bandidos fortemente armados, ameaca executar os passageiros do carro, a menos que um enorme resgate seja pago no prazo de uma hora. Primeiro veio a versao 1974 com Walter Matthau e, depois, houve 1998 da televisao “remake” com Edward James Olmos, e agora Denzel Washington, mais eletrizante. Nela, Walter Matthau desempenhou o papel de operador do Metro e Robert Shaw o malvado vilao. Um “remake” de um classico Hollywoodiano e uma forte tendencia estes dias, por isso e com grande alivio que posso confirmar que “O Sequestro do Metro 1 2 3” e uma classica atualizacao do original, em ritmo forte e atmosfera tensa, com Travolta e Washington fazendo um grande papel.

Fifty-four riders were injured in the city's first fatal subway crash since the 1991 Union Square derailment that killed five. But investigators found no skid marks on the tracks or other evidence that the brake system worked as designed, Plasberg said.
The trip-arm on the track was activated as it is supposed to when a train runs a red signal. He suffered a two-day suspension in 1991 for stopping a train before all the cars were in a station.
Rescue workers blamed the inability of ambulances to easily move to and from the bridge for the delays. Some turned panicky when they turned from their stretchers and glimpsed the Brooklyn shoreline far below, and several were treated for hyperventilation. Side streets were jammed, and backups of more than an hour were reported on the Long Island and Brooklyn-Queens expressways.
Enquanto a tensao aumenta sob seus pes, Garber aplica seu amplo conhecimento do sistema metroviario numa batalha para enganar Ryder e salvar os refens.
O atual Sequestro do Metro 123, produzido pelo Diretor Tony Scott, conta com um grupo de homens armados, liderados pelo comandante Ryder (John Travolta), tendo mais um metro de Nova Iorque, sequestrado, com ameacas de matar refens, a menos que um resgate seja pago pela Prefeitura de Nova York. It raised new questions about the safety of a system that carries more than 3.5 million people a day. And markings show that the trip-arm appears to have struck the trip-cock on the underbelly of the train.
Entretanto, existe um enigma que Garber nao pode resolver: mesmo que os ladroes consigam o dinheiro, como eles poderiam fugir?

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