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This fall will mark the fortieth anniversary of the Vignelli Subway Map.  Used by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) from 1972 until 1979, this map, designed by Massimo Vignelli, who, along with Bob Noorda, is also responsible for the unified signage design of our subway system.
One key reason that the Vignelli Map did not last in New York City is explained by Michael Beiruit in his article “Mr.
Diagram maps like this Vignelli subway map fail because you need two maps – one to get around the system and a second to see the streets. Estimate travel time wisely – this may sound too obvious, but most people end up under estimating the time that they think their subway ride may take and run the risk of being late. There my be changes in schedule due to construction, typically on weekends and late nights. Coming for an Interview – Plan to arrive at your interview 30 minutes before, if not more. Transferring by foot – Willing to walk a few blocks between stations can save you a long transfer.
Standing sideway in-front of closed doors is the most stable, one can stand there without holding anything.
If you really need a seat, you best bet is to stand sideways in front of sitting passengers.
If a subway car is completely empty during rush hours, dona€™t get excited, be weary, there will certainly be something wrong. Depending on the situation, local trains may not take that much longer than an express one and you will find a place to sit!
Vignelli’s design is more of a diagram, where the location of what lies above, namely streets and rivers and parks, is of no consequence. You can’t tell from a diagram how close some stations really are, making a potential change of trains unnecessarly.
You may end up suffering a lot of pain, if you don’t check the latest status of the trains for late nights and weekends from this site.

It takes time to walk to the station & most often you need to wait at the platform before a train arrives. If nothing happens, you’ll get there 30 minutes early, find a Starbucks(its almost guaranteed that there will be a Starbucks in a 5 block radius from your interview building), relax for 20 minutes and get to the interview 10 minutes early. Save the subway map image in your phone’s picture gallery and just look at that when you have no data connection in the train or on the platform. Most of the times, the stairs that come down to the platform from the street level are at these locations.
There is always a pole right in-front of the doors and people have a natural tendency to grab it. If something does happen, you have an extra 30 minutes to assimilate the delay or have enough time to get out and quickly catch a cab. Quite a few stations now do have Internet coverage, but its not ubiquitous and there is definitely no connection in the tunnels. It’s also not well designed to go from one non-Manhattan borough to another non-Manhattan borough.
They have an option where you can specify that you would like to walk more and transfer less. Remember to go in and stand in front of the sitting passengers & pray that the one in front of you gets off soon.
As a result, the geographical liberties that Vignelli took with the streets of New York were immediately noticeable, and commuters without a taste for graphic poetry cried foul.
With this insight, Ia€™ve developed a set of survival rules that you may not find written in an official guide. It incorporates all subway routine changes and things like walking time and switching time. This happened to me when I was going to a Google interview in Chelsea and I’m glad I left early.

However, this is only advise if you have an unlimited Metro Card because it would cost you two rides for a trip involving one transfer by foot.
I suggest walking away from the stairs for a bit before finding a spot to wait for the train.
Unlike most driving cities that use a map program or GPS, in New York City, we use HopStop or another Subway Planning Guide, designed for public transportation in major cities. Hence, if you’re from out of town just visiting or planning to move here, you need to read these. See the NYC Subway Map page for Subway information and step-by-step instructions on using HopStop.Pay attention to how you exit the Subway (not just the stop to get off the train), as it is important to know which exit to use out of the station. If you’re a New Yorker, I would love to hear your gems of wisdom, which I can add here. How would you feel if 1 million people were blocking your driveway while you were trying to get work?
Please step to a less crowded area so they can get out of the subway.Download over 100 pages of NYC maps, information and recommendations in less than 5 minutes! NYC Printable Map Book BONUS NYC Maps NYC Travel GuideBest New York City Street Map – Pocket SizeThis is my favorite NYC Street Map. I give this map to every friend who visits me – and I carry a bunch around to give to visitors whom I meet.

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