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Infobox Train background = name = R32 (New York City Subway car) imagesize = 250px caption = An R32 train enters Avenue P on the F line. Composite (New York City Subway car) — Composite 1904 Rendering of an IRT Composite Manufacturer Jewett Car Company St. R17 (New York City Subway car) — The R17 was a New York City Subway car built in 1955 as one of three car classes purchased in the mid 1950s that were intended to replace many of the pre World War II IRT cars. R11 (New York City Subway car) — The R11 New York City Subway cars, built by the Budd Rail Car Company, were a new technology prototype test train ordered as part of a new 400 car fleet for the Second Avenue Subway in 1949, a line that was never built.
New York City Subway rolling stock — The New York City Subway is a large rapid transit system and has a large fleet of rolling stock. R40A (New York City Subway car) — Infobox Train background = name = R40A (New York City Subway car) imagesize = 250px caption = interior interiorcaption = Manufacturer = St.
R40 (New York City Subway car) — Infobox Train background = name = R40 (New York City Subway car) imagesize = 250px caption = Bronx bound B train of R40s leaving Sheepshead Bay interior interiorcaption = Interior of car 4320 Manufacturer = St. New York City police are questioning a suspect in connection with the death of a man who was allegedly pushed onto subway tracks, officials have said. Ki Suk Han of Queens was killed on Monday after allegedly being shoved at the Times Square subway station. New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said investigators recovered security video showing a man fitting the description of his alleged assailant working with street vendors near the Rockefeller Center. Meanwhile, the publication of a photograph taken as Mr Han was about to be struck by the train has triggered a public backlash.
It has prompted questions about why nobody, including the photographer, seemingly tried to help the man. Readers also speculated that anyone trying to rescue Mr Han would have risked being pulled onto the tracks.
Dozens of people are reported to have witnessed the tragedy from the subway platform at around 12.30pm on Monday at 49th Street and Seventh Avenue. The Post reported that the victim’s wife had argued with her husband before it happened.

About usTurkey and the world of news, the latest in politics, life, health news, breaking news and developments, interesting headlines in the NationalTurk! It may be 75 feet long despite the fact the MTA has stated after the procurement of the R68 s that there will be no more 75 foot cars due to system constraints. According to yahoo news his wife was with him and she watched her husband helplessly being pushed off the platform. These cars were the first mass-produced stainless steel cars built for the New York City Subway.
Their horizontally ribbed, stainless exteriors earned the cars the nickname "Brightliners". They are the oldest subway cars in use today.The designation R32 is derived from the contract number under which the cars were purchased. You would think she would be there trying to signal the subway train driver or pull her husband out. The R32A's were funded through the proceeds of a revenue bond while the R32's were paid for out of the 1963-64 New York City capital budget. Louis, Missouri, the R42 were the first fully original air-conditioned car class in the New York City Subway. Budd had bid on previous contract with the NYCTA, but had never won a City contract for a production run of cars until the R32s, as Budd built only stainless-steel equipment, and the TA refused to allow a differential in competitive bids for this higher-quality construction.Budd won the contract by offering the lowest bid of $117,000 per car.
Budd low-balled the price to win the contract and introduce stainless steel equipment to the modern New York City subway system, a plan that met with limited success. NYCTA allowed a premium for subsequent stainless steel contracts, and all subsequent subway equipment was at least partly stainless construction. However, the Budd Company never benefited from the change, as Budd failed to win further contracts from the NYCTA and the company has since halted production of railroad cars.Four of these cars (3946-3949) were equipped with Pioneer trucks using disk brakes.
The last 110 cars (4840-4949), all of which have since been retired, were rebuilt by NYCTA Coney Island Shop in Coney Island, Brooklyn.
The one minor difference in appearance between the two overhauls was that many cars of the Coney Island version featured the original blue door indicator lights at the ends of the cars.

Ten R32 cars, which have since been retired, were rebuilt by General Electric in its Buffalo, New York facility. During the rebuilding process, the route and destination rollsigns located above the storm doors were removed and replaced with flipdot electronic route signs. One car, originally numbered 3659, lost its even-numbered mate in an accident, so it was rebuilt as an even-numbered car and renumbered to 3348.After their refurbishment, R32 and R32A cars were renamed R32 Phase I, R32 Phase II and R32 GE. 4664 was scrapped in 2001 after a rear-end collision on the Williamsburg Bridge in June 1995. The R32 Phase I cars (re-built by Morrison Knudsen) have WABCO Air Brake packages, GE Master Controllers (Throttle) and Thermo King HVAC units.
Its mate, 4665, was paired with R40M 4460, the other car left without a mate in the Williamsburg bridge accident.
The R32 Phase II cars (also re-built by Morrison Knudsen) have NY Air Brake equipment, Westinghouse Master Controllers and Stone Safety HVAC units. A consist of R42s was involved in an accident at Chambers Street Station on November 6, 2007.
Since the cars were sent out to be overhauled based on how poorly they were performing (bad cars first) there are regular R32s and R32As which are Phase I and Phase II. The R32 GE's are slightly different from their Phase I and II brothers in the fact that they still retain their original traction motors, feature backlit ad signs and their Bulkhead designs differ somewhat.
Their durable stainless construction will be a factor, demonstrating that a premium for such construction was warranted. The 10 GE rebuilt R32s have been retired, and the Phase II R32s are currently undergoing retirement.

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