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These traditional trains are not to be confused with Amtrak's faster, more expensive Acela Express trains.
The daily Lake Shore Limited is the only rail connection between Boston and the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts.
Bali è un'isola affascinante che conserva, a dispetto dell'affluenza turistica, ancora angoli di paradiso.
This started in 2012 as a project to take one photo every day for 100 days from an elevated perspective.
A NS ICE 3 (M?rklin 37781)waits with the sine (sinus) ICE 2 (M?rklin 39710) and the double ICE 2 (M?rklin 37712).
The DB ICE 3 (M?rklin 37780)on the mainline passes an ICE 2 (M?rklin 37701) and the Elisabeth ICE 2 (M?rklin 3750).
A view of ICE trains waiting in the upper level yard with the ramp to the upper level of the storage rack in the background. A picture of the Amtrak ICE being tested on the Northeast Corridor, the Amtrak Boston-New York-Washington route.
Amtrak announced the cancellation of all service between New York and Boston until at least Monday. Due to the blizzard conditions affecting a good portion of the east coast, and is presently affecting the New York and New England areas, Amtrak has cancelled all Northeast Regional and Acela Express service between Boston and New York tonight, December 26th, with no alternate transportation. It is expected that limited service between these two end points will resume Monday morning, if conditions permit. Additionally, there will be limted service south of Washington, D.C between Richmond and Newport News, Virginia. You could take the Amtrak bus from Oakland to Santa Barbara and train to LA, Chicago and NY.
Trasferimento da Penn Station (New York) all’Hotel con autopullman privato e assistente in lingua italiana.

Amtrak personnel will be working throughout the night to try and ensure the resumption of service tomorrow. Providence, Boston and New York airports will undoubtedly be affected by the impending snow storm conditions. Amtrak operates the Northeast Corridor from Penn Station until CP-216 at New Rochelle, NY where Metro-North takes over to New Haven, CT where Amtrak takes over once again. I found the MBTA Red Line Subway that I would need to take to the suburb of Braintree, MA where I would get to my hotel. I settled into my room and called my parents back home before heading over to a Bickford’s Restaurant located next to the hotel. Fu poi fondata nel 1630 dai coloni puritani inglesi guidati da John Winthrop, rappresentante ufficiale della Massachusetts Bay Company. The blizzard conditions in New England and New York are causing travel nightmares for many who are heading home after the holidays with airport delays as well as rail service cancellations. After I found Gate #9 which took some exploring (I’ve never been here before!), I boarded the First Class car located behind the power car. I wasted no time in taking a bunch of slides of the New York City Skyline from the view outside my huge window next to my single seat since it was rather cloudy and a bit on the foggy side making some of the buildings difficult to see.
The subway cost $2.00 and ran in such a way where you paid an attendant who gave you 2 tokens, you put one in when you bought them then the other when you get off in Braintree.
I didn’t get the consist but I know the Power Car that pulled the train was #2001 and my car was First Class Car #3200. We passed a few other Acela Express and Regional trains along the way, getting up to speed though I really don’t think we ever hit 150mph even in the area around New Haven where such speeds are permitted. I dragged my 2 Suitcases, Camera bag and Umbrella down a couple flights of stairs and got to the platform where I had a quick conversation with a couple Postal Workers from the Boston Area, we discussed mostly football since my team, the Buffalo Bills would be playing their team, the New England Patriots in the first week of the NFL Season. After dinner, which consisted of Chicken Fingers and French Fries (Typical meal back home!), I went back to the hotel, plugged in my computer and was able to get online thanks to the data port on the phone.

We departed New York some 20 minutes late and the car crew wasted no time in taking care of all of us very quickly!
After about a 25 minute ride in an Air-Conditioned (Thank God!!!) Subway train, which progressively emptied out as we went further down the line, I arrived at Braintree where a Commuter Rail Station is also available along with a huge parking ramp. The Conductor took my ticket which was actually for Train #2168 but was stamped to be valid on 2170 by a crew member in Club Acela due to my late arrival on the Lake Shore Limited. I decided to take it back to my seat in First Class and was told there was no charge for the sandwich because I was riding in First Class! After trying to get a crew member’s attention, I flipped the switch myself to get the door to open and when I got back to my seat, I found that my ticket stub was missing. I ended up getting my seat back and enjoyed the sandwich while watching the sun set as we moved further north, now on the way to Providence, Rhode Island. Besides the Chicken & Pasta, the dinner also came with a small Side Salad, Dinner Roll and a Strawberry Shortcake Desert.
I had some conversations with the 2 passengers sitting across from me who were lawyers from Massachusetts, we discussed a variety of topics for a bit. We made our stops at Route 128 Station, then Boston-Back Bay, and finally Boston South Station. I grabbed my bags and took a night photo of Regional Train #94 which had arrived shortly after our train which only spent a few minutes at the station before leaving and heading back into Southampton Yard for servicing.

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