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I needed to get from Washington-WAS to New York-NYP and had already decided I was taking the train. To save money, I purchased a Business Class seat on the Acela and used Amtrak points to upgrade to First Class. It was a decent little trek down the platform to the First Class Car which is at very end, near the locomotive.
In a first for me to see on an Amtrak train, there were large, airplane style overhead bins, enclosed with plenty of room for bags.
Within a few minutes of pulling out of the station, an announcement came across the PA that a few services would be offered: for those in Business Class, cafe service or cart service with light snacks coming through aisles and a full at-seat meal service for First Class. Shortly after takeoff, err… departure, menus were distributed and the car attendant took orders. I ended up settling on one of the drinks in the cocktails section and discovered a drink that is very old but brand new to me and I love: Rob Roy.
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The scheduled trip of the 16 trains ranges from 2 hr 45 mins and 2 hr 50 mins to go from Washington, D.C.
A typical weekday sees appx 20 departures with travel time ranging from 3 hr 14 mins to 3 hr 40 mins. A northbound Acela Express only serves 6 stops between Washington and New York: Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Metropark, Newark and New York.
One of the (few) perks of the ClubAclea lounge is that there are doors that go directly to the tracks which, in theory, should allow you to beat the other passengers in the general waiting area to the best seats.
This was my first taste (pun intended) of the quality of the service that Amtrak offers and I was impressed.

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Now, to be fair, that’s comparing apples to oranges because the cheapest seat on the Northeast Regional is coach and the cheapest on Acela is Business Class. Generally, the trains depart once per hour at 2 mins past the hour, right behind the Acela. Prices for a coach seat booked about 1 week out are $84 – $145, depending on the time of day. First Class on Acela becomes downright expensive at aroundA¬†$268 – $375 for a one-way sample trip booked about 1 week out. First Class on Acela becomes downright expensive at around¬†$268 – $375 for a one-way sample trip booked about 1 week out. The chicken was moist and the sauce was amply flavorful with a good coconut curry taste (although no spice).

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