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Metro New York The area surrounding New York City, the largest city in the United States and possibly the most well known and celebrated city in the world. The Catskills Largely rural, wild, and mountainous, the Catskills are a popular vacation destination for New Yorkers, but they also have much to offer the traveler from out of state. The Hudson Valley The state capital of Albany and its surrounding cities anchor the top of the Hudson Valley, which extends south to the outskirts of the New York City area. The Adirondacks The Adirondack Mountains are the true wilderness of New York, protected by an enormous state park that encompasses most of the upper third of the state. The North Country The North Country is dominated by large open areas between widely spaced cities, with a culture that borrows from neighboring Canada.
Central New York With hills and rivers, cities and farms, hard work and recreation, Central New York is a microcosm of New York as a whole. The Finger Lakes The Finger Lakes are 11 long, thin bodies of water that provide waterfront activities and sightseeing opportunities. The Southern Tier Bordering Pennsylvania's Northern Tier, the Southern Tier is a largely rural area with a few medium-sized cities, but with several cultural and industrial attractions. The Niagara Frontier The city of Buffalo and the world-famous Niagara Falls are the major destinations in the Niagara Frontier, but the eastern areas of the region also offer attractions focusing on history, agriculture, industry, and the local waterways. New York — possibly the most well known and celebrated city in the world; with towering skyscrapers, ethnic diversity, international corporations, and incomparable culture. Before European settlement, the area now known as New York was home to a number of Native American tribes. A true population explosion was brought on by the construction of the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany, completed in 1825. New York grew and thrived for decades, its cities serving as centers of industry, business, and culture for the entire nation. New York held the title of most populous for over 150 years and has counted numerous important and influential figures among its native sons and daughters. There is no concise way to describe the geography of New York, except maybe to say it is "diverse". North of the Catskills is the Mohawk River valley, which runs from west to east into the Hudson. North of the Mohawk valley and east of Lake Ontario, you can find the vast mountain range of the Adirondacks, which gradually give way to the St. Spring in New York tends to start out cold and damp, especially in areas near Lake Ontario, as the Lake's waters have by then been thoroughly chilled by winter. Leaves start to turn color in September; at their peak, New York's leaf scenery is among the best in the country.
International travelers will almost certainly come in via one of New York City's airports; while the major upstate cities have airports that can accommodate international flights, they are now fairly rare.
From Ohio and Western Pennsylvania: I-90 becomes the New York State Thruway (see Get around for details) at the PA-NY border. There are many trains that go through New York, especially through Pennsylvania Station in New York City. Acela Express is a high-speed train through New York City from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
Lake Shore Limited goes from Chicago through Cleveland, Buffalo, and Albany to New York City.
Major areas of the state are served by an adequate network of Interstate Highways, supplemented by state routes that run between all but the smallest villages. Expressway exits are numbered sequentially in New York, a fact unremarkable to New Englanders but potentially confusing for everyone else. The most important highway in New York is the New York State Thruway [15], which runs on I-90 from the Pennsylvania border in the west, northeast to Buffalo, then east past Rochester, through Syracuse, and to Albany. To allow travelers to avoid leaving the highway (and paying a toll) before they reach their destinations, the Thruway is dotted with large service plazas every 35–50 miles or so. A cheaper but slightly slower route to New York City from the west is along I-86, the Southern Tier Expressway. New York has a good network of state routes, supplemented by county routes in some counties. In general, one- and two-digit state routes will be primary routes, although plenty of exceptions exist; you shouldn't assume anything just from the number. Municipalities in New York are well prepared for winter weather, but it can get so severe at times that even their expert crews can't keep up. Cell phone service can be spotty in the northern part of the state; be aware that you may not be able to easily call for help on the highways in that region. Drivers, front-seat passengers, and children sitting anywhere must wear seat belts with primary enforcement.
You are not permitted to use hand-held cellular phones while driving; hands-free phones are permitted but use with extra caution. Turning right on red light is permitted after stop, except where signs indicate otherwise like "NO TURN ON RED". The state speed limit is 55 mph, unless otherwise posted, as is the case with rural expressways being 65. The Lake Shore Limited from Chicago has stops in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Schenectady, and Albany; from there riders can switch trains to Boston or continue (with a stop in Croton-on-Hudson) to New York City's Penn Station. The natural beauty of the state is diverse, from the incomparable Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon of the East, Letchworth State Park, to the mountainous unspoiled terrain of the Catskills and the Adirondacks, to the tranquil Finger Lakes. As a true four-season state, New York's activity schedule varies widely throughout the year. New York City is the cultural center of the country, never mind the state, with countless theaters and world-renowned sports teams. In the wintertime, New York is no Colorado, but there are plenty of ski areas and hockey rinks. Oenophiles can visit one of the top wine regions in the country in the Finger Lakes; the entire region is dotted with small towns and villages of historic character, with almost 100 wineries in between. New York's agriculture is also on display at the numerous county fairs held in late summer.

New York City is, naturally, the center of professional sports, and you'll find fans of the Big Apple's sports teams throughout the state—even though some of them actually play in New Jersey!
New York high schools are producing some outstanding lacrosse players, and that's reflected in the growing popularity of professional lacrosse. Soccer is very popular among the youth of New York, but professional soccer has struggled to make inroads. American cuisine is ubiquitous, of course, except perhaps in areas of New York City like Chinatown and Little Italy.
Beer and other beverages with a low alcohol content can be found in supermarkets, while hard liquor and wine can be found in liquor stores.
State law stipulates that bars must close at 4am, although individual counties and municipalities may set an earlier closing time; outside of New York City, Albany and Buffalo, bars tend to close much earlier. Dialing 911 on any phone, wireless or landline, is free and will connect you with local police, fire, and ambulance services. In New York State it is illegal to use your cellular telephone while operating a motor vehicle or riding a bicycle, unless it is a hands-free phone. Don't approach wild animals, especially ones that are acting unusually friendly or confused. Upstate New York contains a few species of poisonous snakes, such as the Copperhead, the Eastern Massasauga and the Timber Rattlesnake.
DO NOT travel with a handgun into NY state: Anyone in possession of a handgun must have a New York State license issued by a county or major city within the state, such licenses are not issued to non-residents (with minor exceptions for business owners from neighboring states).
As per the possession and carrying of firearms (long guns); the laws regarding the transportation of long guns (rifles and shotguns) into or through New York State are similar to the laws of neighboring pro-gun states such as Pennsylvania or Vermont.
If you witness a civilian carrying a handgun in a rural area: Visitors to the New York metropolitan area, who then visit the Catskills region later in the trip, will experience a major cultural change within several hours drive regarding firearms. As of 2015, New York has legalized certain fireworks to be sold an used in parts of the state if a given county permits.
New York was the birthplace of the gay rights movement in the USA with the Stonewall Rebellion of 1969, and same-sex marriage was legalized in 2011 (with the rest of the country following in 2015).
Vermont — The fall foliage in New York's northeastern neighbor is a site not-to-be missed, while during the rest of the year the state offers a rural charm unique in America. Massachusetts — The birthplace of America's revolution, the state's eastern neighbor is home to historical towns, the vacation hotspot of Cape Cod, and the always-interesting city of Boston. Connecticut — New York's eastern neighbor is home to Yale University, Mystic Seaport, the restaurant and nightlife scene in downtown New Haven, the Maritime Aquarium, and two major Native American casinos.
New Jersey — The Garden State is located south of New York, offering everything from the glitz of Atlantic City to the migratory birds of Cape May. Pennsylvania — New York's southern neighbor saw the birth of the nation in Philadelphia and offers rural charm. Ontario — Located just across the Niagara River, this Canadian province shares Niagara Falls and offers everything from the eclectic city of Toronto to the nature of Algonquin Provincial Park.
Quebec — New York's northern neighbor is Canada's French-speaking province, home to a unique culture and distinctly European feel.
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While we tend to think of the history of New York City in terms of the English settlement, the truth is the city's foundation is decidedly Dutch. As a port New Amsterdam was as boisterous as New York City is today, and it wasn't long before the Dutch West India Company's Director-Generals felt they needed to instill law and order.
The colony was growing in leaps and bounds, and perhaps understanding early that to effectively run a colony with such a diverse population you needed to be in touch with its residents, Director-General William Kieft had a stone tavern constructed on the corner of Coenties Slip and Pearl Street in approximately 1642. Of course, even in its early days, New York City was a place where progress was often cited as a reason for development.
In excavating the site, additional glimpses into life in the early days of the colony have been revealed. I encourage you all to go out and learn a bit of the early European settlers in your neck of the woods—you might be surprised by their resolve. However New York allows underage drinking provided that it is on private non alcohol-selling premises, with parental consent.
Reduce your speed in suburban and rural neighborhoods at night to reduce the chance of an accident. Although it is uncommon to encounter these snakes, seek medical attention if bitten immediately. About half of NY counties still ban all fireworks, and the fireworks legalized are limited and many fireworks are still illegal in NY. The majority of New Yorkers are socially tolerant and used to diversity, even in upstate areas that are perceived to be more conservative than New York City. Encontraras mapas turisticos de la ciudad en general y sus diferentes zonas asi como tambien planos del transporte en Praga. Le president de la Republique a ete recu a la Maison Blanche avant les sommets du G8 a Camp David (18-19 mai 2012) et de l’OTAN a Chicago (20-21 mai 2012), et a effectue une visite d’Etat aux Etats-Unis en fevrier 2014 (10-12 fevrier), la premiere d’un president francais depuis dix-huit ans. En 2009, Il s’etait rendu au Sommet de l’Otan a Strasbourg et Baden-Baden, et le 6 juin 2009 a la commemoration du 65e anniversaire du Debarquement allie en Normandie. Dans un geste exceptionnel, le President Obama s’est rendu le 11 janvier a l’ambassade de France a Washington pour signer le livre de condoleances.

Le volontarisme du President Obama en matiere de lutte contre les changements climatiques fait des Etats-Unis un interlocuteur majeur en vue de la CoP21 qu’accueillera la France en decembre.
I say this without any disrespect to the original inhabitants of the land that so enraptured the early Europeans, but it's true. Peter Minuit attempted to do this with a Thursday counsel in the rudely constructed Fort Amsterdam.
At this time, taverns did more than just serve your favorite brew: They were meeting places, inns, and the den of politicians.
Stadt Huys served as City Hall until 1697, when Lovelace Tavern, which stood next door, assumed the honor. An early 18th-century well was uncovered that is said to have resided on land belonging to longtime residents, the Philipse family, of the Philipse Manor.
And for an amazing depiction of the colony of New Amsterdam, Russell Shorto's Island at the Center of the World is strongly recommended. If bitten, especially by a racoon, bat, skunk, fox or dog, seek medical attention immediately.
The general rule of thumb is that if you do buy fireworks in a location in NY (They only sell them at certain times of the year, such as during the Forth of July and around New Years Eve), don't bring them outside of the county you bought them in, unless your sure its legal in the county you've just entered. It is important to remember that New York City was one of the targets of the 9-11 attacks, and the memory of 9-11 is still very fresh in the minds of New Yorkers, especially in New York City. Te recomendamos nuestros mapas interactivos con los principales sitios para ver de la ciudad y los alrededores.
Il a egalement participe aux commemorations du 70e anniversaire du Debarquement le 6 juin 2014.
Subsequent Director-Generals, including William Kieft and Petrus Stuyvesant, conducted government business out of the Fort as well, which also provided a base for trade for the Dutch West India Company.
Lovelace Tavern was constructed in 1670 by New York's second English governor, Francis Lovelace.
The well extended down to the waterline, reminding us that the East River's waterfront once ran along what is now Pearl Street, and that a fair portion of downtown Manhattan was actually physically constructed as the colony grew. Some may not wish to discuss the topic of 9-11, while others will gladly share their personal stories with you. It was definitely an important site in the development of the colony—providing a sense of protection and serving as a point of contact with the mother land. At that time, its name was also officially changed to Stadt Huys (literally, State House) or less formally, City Tavern. The English had seized the colony in 1664 and perhaps the movement to this site was in part to eradicate the Dutch hold on the colony in the minds of the residents, who were permitted to stay and hold on to their possessions after the transfer of power. It provided water to the entire block, and when the waterline was pushed back and it was no longer used, it was filled with everyday items—it became a trash receptacle. Of course, tolerance should not be confused for equality; they did not accord everyone the same rights in the colony, though everyone had some rights. However, the yellow bricks in the foreground represent the foundation of City Tavern, which was reconstructed using old maps.
The major upstate cities compete each year for the "coveted" Golden Snowball Award for most total inches of snow—one small measure of pride for a city digging itself out from piles of snow several feet deep. And the truth is that had we solely been an English colony, the flavor of New York City would be immensely different today. The colony itself had also at this point been renamed for the Duke of York (only history would ever know it as New Amsterdam again).
That the cistern had been installed at this site by the early to mid-1700s tells us that the neighborhood was evolving. The City Tavern was also less than a two minute walk from Fort Amsterdam, putting it within easy reach of the Director-Generals—and their guests. 20 is much older, though, traveling right through the middle of countless old villages that lie south of the Thruway.
926A) allows you to pass through NY without one BUTyou must not make an "unreasonable" stop. While the English Puritans were establishing mono-cultures to the north in Boston and the surrounding areas and to the south in Virginia, New Amsterdam was already a bustling model of diversity.
However, long before it's official establishment as City Hall, it was a meeting place for organizers and activists, such as the Board of Nine, which included Adriaen van der Donck, who quite possibly conceived the term "American" and was perhaps the early colony's most enthusiastic supporter. It also underwent a transformation—when the Dutch temporarily reclaimed the city (which they then named New Orange), it had begun to resemble London faintly. In this rambunctious port city, Africans were some of the most stable residents of the island. To the left, businesses now line Pearl Street where the East River once met settlers hunting for oysters and looking for Dutch ships. Intermarriage between persons of different nationalities and religions also occurred here with greater frequency than other colonies.
It apparently burned down in 1706, and City Hall was then moved to the site of Federal Hall on Wall Street.
Thus, it seems that while the landscape has evolved through the ages, the character of the city, that brisk business settlement where tolerance can be expected, remains. Check it out!) Though all physical traces of the original City Tavern have been lost, when construction for the building at 85 Broad Street commenced, the foundation for the neighboring Lovelace Tavern was uncovered in New York's first archaeological excavation.
The foundation was ultimately incorporated into a permanent display at 85 Broad in an effort to preserve the city's history.
Did you know that in the seal or flag of Brooklyn still an Dutch sentence stays: Eendracht maakt macht.

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