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NEW YORK (AP) — New York City's subways — the nation's biggest mass transit network — serve more than 6 million daily riders who depend largely on a signal system that dates back to the Great Depression.Antiquated electro-mechanics with thousands of moving parts are still critical to operations.
Dispatchers still monitor most trains from 24-hour underground "towers," and they still put pencil to paper to track their progress.That eight-decade-old system is slowly being replaced by 21st-century digital technology that allows up to twice as many trains to safely travel closer together. These women gladiators have man made sole, synthetic upper giving you that super stylish look.

The dispatchers answer phone calls and listen to two-way radio reports while keeping an eye on each train's progress. It allows about two dozen L trains to move each hour in both directions — compared to about 15 with the old mechanics — on a route that takes an average of 37 minutes.Amid peeling paint, rusty stairs and old-fashioned metal cabinets is a labyrinth of digitalized panels and switches that automatically relay signals in the tunnels, tracing both direction and speed without human help. Iron-on details create a stunning look that's sure to elevate your outfits to the next level.

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