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A bus ride costs only $2.25 and can be paid by either exact change (silver coins only) or using the same MetroCard that you use for the subway.
The trains run every 2 to 5 minutes during rush hour, every 10 to 15 minutes during the daytime, and about every 20 minutes at night. Once you’ve figured out which line you need to take, you can head to the nearest subway station. To make travelling even easier, a number of stations in New York now have interactive maps.
You can buy or add money to your MetroCard at any station either by using a machine or at a ticket booth.
You can use your MetroCard with balance (NOT the unlimited) for several people, which is something different from most other cities’ subways. If you pay with cash, then you need to request a transfer ticket from the driver for your next ride. Empire State Building Tickets for the Empire State Building now CAD $ 42Book your tickets now!

Firstly, you’ll need a subway map to give you an overview of all of the trains and stations. All stations are clearly marked with the entrance to the track heading north (Uptown and Queens) or south (Downtown and Brooklyn). These maps are in the form of large touch screens that can help with getting to your destination. Si vous n’avez plus envie de marcher, mais que vous aimeriez voir plus de la ville, le bus est un bon moyen de transport. When paying at a machine you will be asked to fill in your ZIP code, simply fill in “10001”. The buses are in blue and white and all have a number with a sign on them digitally displaying the destination. Retrouvez toutes les informationsEmpire State Building Commandez vos tickets pour seulement CAD $ 44Commandez vos tickets maintenant ! With a MetroCard a single ride costs $2.75 and is therefore one of the cheapest ways to explore the city.

For every new MetroCard you will be charged a $1 fee, after that you can recharge it as often as possible without additional costs. Some days this will be fine, but other days you’ll just want to stroll around or take a taxi. If the stop has a black dot it’s a local train, if it has a white dot its an express train. Children who do not exceed 112 cm in height can travel for free on the subway, there is no age limit.

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