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Description : New York zip codes Map showing Zip Codes of cities, towns, counties and boroughs. The New York zip codes differ according to individual counties and are determined by latitudes and longitudes within geographical areas. The zip codes of Bronx continue from 10451 to 10475 and then there is a single zip code of 10499.
Non-Illuminated Floor Globes Ask any interior decorator about their favorite style of globe and you’ll surely hear floor globes! State of New York regional 5 digit zip code wall maps to include New York City, Long Island, Albany, Utica, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Manhatten with Nassau and Suffolk Counties and much more. Zip maps include all portions of an MSA or CMSA on the same map even if it includes part of an adjoining state.

We presently have one hundred sixty eight (168) different ZIP code maps covering forty (40) states in their entirety plus the District of Columbia and portions of seven (7) additional states. However, to get access to the full map (Inset preview) with zip codes of all the regions within New York, please buy the map on our Store.
However Compare Infobase Limited,its directors and employees do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same. Whether you are interested in illuminated floor globes or non-illuminated, floor globes are best suited towards decorating an office, den or study. Our maps show ZIP code boundaries, ZIP code boundary names, ZIP code number, city or community names plus county lines and large bodies of water. For example, the Consolidated Los Angeles 5 county area is shown on one map all at a scale of 1 inch = 3.3 miles, except for the sparsely populated desert areas.

The zip codes for Delaware, New York start with 12406 at Arkville to 13860 at West Davenport. Each map contains a complete listing of ZIP codes for the counties covered by the map including grid location on the map or explanation of why the ZIP is not shown (e.g.
Our dealer network and customers keep us informed of new ZIP codes or boundary changes in their areas. You may mark on the laminated version and wipe off using water soluble or grease marking pens.

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