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The Trenton Transit Center is one of the busiest train stations in the country and a great asset for the City of Trenton. If you don't already have Adobe Reader installed on your PC to open & view a PDF document, you can obtain a free download of Adobe Reader directly from Adobe by clicking the link displayed below. PHOTOS: The New Jersey TransitĀ bus terminalĀ on First Street was evacuated and shut down this afternoon after an unattended bag was located, as earlier reported on our News Alerts. Lakewood Police have responded to approximately five similar incidents around Lakewood in the past week. If anyone has any stupid comments regarding wasting time on unoccupied bags should refer to this past week and keep those comments to themselves.
A NJ TRANSIT spokesperson said there will be an additional 30 stations by the end of the year and the next implementation will be on board trains.

The TransitScreen system provides real-time data on what public transportation options are available. On April 30, Ari Megaro was driving his bus when he observed a small boy on a foot-powered scooter riding on the sidewalk alongside his Line 12 bus. The FTA's newest technical assistance center promotes the availability and accessibility of transportation options that serve the needs of people with disabilities, older adults and caregivers. NJ Transit recently completed a major renovation of the Trenton Transit Center, adding new waiting areas, restaurant space, bus shelters and a public plaza.
NJ TRANSIT currently offers Wi-Fi through Cablevision in 40 rail stations, which includes major stations such as Newark Penn Station. To make a purchase, customers simply install the app and then create an account, which will securely save a customer's profile information and purchase history for ease of use.

The service is similar to ones provided on Uber and Lyft transportation systems, and provides crowd-sourced data to help improve service. This includes office, retail, residential and other types of compact development designed to encourage public transportation use and walking. The City has adopted a redevelopment plan for the area and has established a Citizen Advisory Committee to help guide the development process.

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